For a minute there I thought they were witnesses!

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    Can't you just feeeeeeeel the love!

    You should check out this movie at NetFlix:

    Jesus Camp

    This riveting Oscar-nominated documentary offers an unfiltered look at a revivalist subculture where devout Christian youngsters are being primed to deliver the fundamentalist community's religious and political messages. Building an evangelical army of tomorrow, the Kids on Fire summer camp in Devil's Lake, N.D., is dedicated to deepening the preteens' spirituality and sowing the seeds of political activism as they're exhorted to "take back America for Christ."
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    Well its good to know we're not the only fanatics out there. :)

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    No, she's one of those Westboror Baptist Church crazies. They're an inbred lot and all they want is negative attention.

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    For a minute there I thought they were witnesses!

    I can understand why, but there are a lot of crazy religions out there. Thankfully, the most extreme ones aren't as numerous as the jws.

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    The WTS doesn't sponsor children/teenager only camps or groups any more. They did up until the mid 1930's.

    *** yb87 pp. 139-140 Switzerland and Liechtenstein ***


    This is what Erwin Saner in Basel used to say, pointing to the clock, whenever a child would arrive late for the congregation’s Sunday school.—1 Cor. 14:33.

    Sunday school? Yes, indeed. For a time we had a separate youth group for those from 13 to 25 years of age, and a Sunday school for younger ones, based on the publication TheWaytoParadise (edited in 1924 and "Dedicated to Youth for the Study in the Holy Scriptures" by W. E. Van Amburgh). Adult members of the congregations took turns instructing the children on Sunday mornings. Ulrich Engler from Thalwil explained: "We parents went preaching on Sundays, and it was not the custom at that time to take the children along, neither would we take them to meetings in the evening. So when a youth group was formed in Zurich, we were glad that the children from the Thalwil Congregation were also invited."

    The association "Jehovah’s Youth" even had its own secretary’s office in Bern. A special magazine named Jehovah’sYouth was edited there and printed on the Society’s presses.The preface to the first issue was written by Brother Rutherford. These youths conducted meetings and took an active part in the witness work. They also performed Bible dramas at bigger gatherings organized for the young ones. However, this was really an organization within the organization. The Bible shows that in ancient Israel the provision that Jehovah made was for adults and children to assemble together for instruction. (Deut. 31:12) When we came to appreciate this more fully, these special arrangements for youths were dissolved. This was done in 1936 at the time of Brother Rutherford’s visit.

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