Sharing the Good News of the UN........!

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  • ISP

    Yup you would think the R+F would be happy with the somewhat more cosy relationship the WTS has with the old 'Beast'........ UN.

    One responded today saying that we had made the UN website up and it wasn't true!

    Oh well.......we tried. But I wonder what other experiences there are from the 'field'........!


  • hawkaw

    When they do that give them a live UN body such as Ms. Isolda Oca and her telephone number 212-963-1859. Tell them you will even pay for the call!!!!!

    p.s - use a questioning fomat and a non-confrontational manner.


  • Ranchette

    That's about as brain dead as you can get!
    Unfortunatly, this is the kind of junk we will hear over and over again.
    I would be as afraid to fake a Worldwide Governmental website as I would be to make counterfit money! That's crazy.

  • MadApostate

    Don't fret utter stupidity such as this. It may work out for much good.

    That person may now go and shoot their mouth off to other JWs that we apostates are so deceitful that we are now putting up fake websites, blah, blah, blah, and unwittingly help us spread the word. At some point, some of his audience will check it out. Eventually ONE may figure out the truth and report back to the others.

    Remember, bad publicity is often better than no publicity at all.
    Simply getting the issue in front of JWs is half the battle. Once a point of reference is established, what is a short-term loss may later become a long-term victory.

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