Were you different to other witnesses?

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    When you were a JW did you feel different to other witnesses?
    I ask this in trying to understand why some chose to leave and some stay or why some work out its not the truth and some never will.
    I feel know that I have always felt differently to many JW's.
    One of the ways was in how I delt with the "truth".
    I always though that to belive things you must have evidence to back it up .
    I just thought the evidence was there.
    I now know it wasn't.
    But many witnesses strongly belive in faith, that not to have faith is a weekness.
    But anyone from any religion could say they have strong faith in what they belive.Then they are critecized for not looking at the evidence.
    A lot of witneeses I know just feel they know it is the truth or feel some gratitude to the organisation for changing their lives and so stick to them.
    Once a witnesses came up to me and said I've heard you're having doubts.
    He then told me that he'd do anything the society asked.To quote him he said" If they told me to wear a pink shirt with green spots I'd do it"
    I've never thought like that when I was a believer and almays though that I"d only do things that were reasonable.
    I was often critacized for looking too deeply into things.I considered it neassesaryto do reserch before giving talks when a lot of people are willing just to resite the literature.
    So are those that leave any different to the "true believers", or do all have the ability to see things for what they really are.
    Will this UN business be the bigest stir ever.I hope so.
    I just hope that all have the ability to recognise the falsehoods they have been tuaght and it is not just a few who have that ability.

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