UN- NGO -Not to worry-my take is...

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  • hillbilly

    Just a little "spiritual warfare" ala Mati Hari.... You got to get right up close to spy on 'em and sometimes it gets ugly!

    Besides, we got to gather intelligence to help those poor brothers in Wanntiki or where ever. You know the pray for us westerners because Satan tempts us with money....

    We will get a "Bill Clinton Spin" on "spiritual fornication" - it's ok as "long as you scream", "don't enjoy it",or 'sport wood' while doing oral acts (she is a "woman", after all). The 'ol harlot just aint what she used to be.....Hmmn maybe Daniel and John were doing peyote with the Navajo around the time the angels dropped of the Book of Mormon. God only knows how this one gets explained away! No pun intended.

    Now, how many have been jailed or killed for politcal issues, draft, voter cards,etc. How many DF'ed for following concience re. same? OH WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE....

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