NGO-No big deal

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  • hillbilly

    Just some more spiritual warfare! Dont sweat it.

    We will likely see some "Bill Clinton" spin on "spiritual fornication" with the 'ol Scarlett beast" etc. Something on the order of we "really didnt enjoy it"," we were screaming", "didnt swallow", or whatever. If you can lie when it suits the party why not sleep around- just gathering intelligence or running interference for those poor brothers isn Watiki or wherever. Kinda like Mati Hari----

    Now -how many AMERICAN (and others for that matter) witnesses did jail time for draft issues or took heat for other political "Neutrality" issuses? Kinda like the blood thing- when it changes nobody gets an apology.... You were wrong back then and we can't Retro you back in een though under today's rules you would be OK...unless you confess and let us re-study with you...blah blah blah.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave......

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