Why does the Watchtower or Scientology Get Tax-Exempt Status, They Don't Do Squat for Anyone!

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  • JWCartPusher

    Yesterday there was a plumber asking me about the Watchtower's view of charity, you know how uncomfortable we got when people asked us "why don't you help the poor or try to make the world a better place?" Finally I agreed that the Watchtower is not a charity, they don't care about anyone other than their own members in New York and worldwide Bethels.

    Can you help me locate a Watchtower Organization that is obedient to not only the Bible but Common Decency, why are they getting a Tax Free or Tax-Exempt Status if their not helping humanity or doing charity work? Has the Watchtower done Charity on a consistent basis because all that equipment at Bethel (Medical, Dental, Tv Studios and professional everything is very expensive.).

    How can anyone take the Watchtower serious when they don't care for the orphans, poor and widows, they are a vile emotionless organization fleecing the World! Please don't tell me the poor man sitting without food only needs a Watchtower and Brochure and told "Keep your head up until God's Kingdom arrives!".

    Can anyone tell me the definition of a Charity because I don't think it's helping a Magazine Company grow profits over time and secure eight business or nine apostle-like cash-businessmen get wealthy for the 21st Century.

    One more thing, I took my stupid cart and put it under my car and did donuts all over that piece of trash. What a worthless religion and lack of relationship with God or Jesus Christ because we followed Men instead!

  • Simon

    They lie. Our old congregation claimed they "provided counseling services to the community".

    Bull. Shit.

    They do naff all for the community or even their own members of their little sect. The fact that they claim tax dollars is an outrage that really should be addressed by the authorities. I just don't think enough tax-payers are aware what a drain these parasites are.

  • ABibleStudent

    In the U.S. it is because the WTBTS says that it is a religious organization. If you want to learn more, you can read the IRS publication 1828 http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p1828.pdf .

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • JWCartPusher

    I know lots of JWs who are collecting Social Security and never put any money in the Tax System because they worked "under-the-table" and had to qualify under SDI's Charity for the people who need help, not meant for people who evaded paying taxes their whole life to rip the Government off.

    Imagine you have all these Old JWs who never paid any money in to the Tax System complaining Social Security ain't paying much while other religions create a productive member willing to be moral and not a thief!

    So as you said Simon, JWs don't help, I think they do nothing but take money from the Government like the World owes them a living and free handout because of their low-paid jobs and dependency on W.I.C., Food Stamps and handouts while bashing the hand that feeds them, it's come to my mind how much I hate this religion!

    Robert, if the Bible tells us to help the poor and look out after everyone, how are they obeying God by looking after their own, the Gentiles did that much themselves according to the Christ!

  • Simon
    They actively teach people how to milk the system - I remember pioneers claiming social benefits so they could avoid working and spend their time on the fake-work ministry instead. Just another way the Watchtower society takes from real society.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Since most civilized countries have "debt" problems, it is even more puzzling why the tax-free status of every religion has not been reviewed, to facilitate the taxation of a religion's profits - the same way that every other business in the community is taxed!

    In the UK, donations are increased by a huge 25% by the government (tax payers money!) if the donor is a tax-payer.


    So even atheists are helping to support religions!! :)

    I suppose politicians have got to "stay in bed" with all big corporations - and religions are big corporations. Sigh!

  • Vidiot

    JWCartpusher - "Why does the Watchtower...get Tax-Exempt status?"

    The bar was probably pretty low at the time they applied. :sunglasses:

  • BluesBrother

    In the U K a charity has to show that it's activities are for the "Public Benefit" . There are 13 such activities and one of these is simply "religion"


  • Watchtower-Free
  • ABibleStudent
    JWCartPusher - Robert, if the Bible tells us to help the poor and look out after everyone, how are they obeying God by looking after their own, the Gentiles did that much themselves according to the Christ!
    Hi JWCartPusher, I don't feel that the WTBTS should be a Tax-Exempt/charitable organization, even though politicians have allowed them to qualify.
    I'm probably the most politically active member of JWN trying to revise the Tax Code so that the WTBTS would have to change how it treats JWs. Please read one of my threads like Revise Tax Code to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse.
    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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