Human Intelligence - The Flynn Effect

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  • hybridous

    For a long time, I've batted with feelings of resentment toward my JW parents for inflicting a difficult JW childhood on me.

    Endless meetings, Field Service, Conventions...these all serve someone's interest, but not a little kid's. I pined and pined to have a 'normal' life pursuing my own interests and developing my own skills and mind. Sadly, I did not get to do that until I departed from the influence of my parents and their paradigm. I did so, feeling very much behind the curve in many areas: socially, intellectually...and naturally blamed my parents for what their choices cost me.

    So I took much relief in the interview here, where Dr. Flynn suggests that, concerning the intellect, things are not necessarily set in stone; that people may, with diligence, largely overcome deficiencies from a less-than-ideal childhood.

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