Answers to donating JW's about contributions, why not?

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  • restrangled

    After reading another post it came to me that any corporation, even non profit has to answer about funds collected and spent... which needs to be tallied by an outside accounting firm and made public for all to see.

    I was the President of a large condo complex and every dollar spent, collected, etc., had to be accounted for and if there were any questions, I was available for answers.

    So here is my question for the WBTS,...why is it you feel you can collect, Millions of dollars, perhaps Billions and not answer to your contributors as to where this money went , where it was invested, what personnel recieved what, etc. This needs to be answered by an outside firm that is Nuetral and not sympathetic in anyway to your financial objectives.

    Do I think this will happen, No. Making the general public aware, priceless.



  • Outaservice

    I think with Religious Organizations it is optional, but those who don't give an accounting are highly suspected to being unethical.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Restrangled,

    I possess not the powers of prediction; nor do I understand the law, 'but I have seen one man with power over another and make him suffer. Then I saw wicked men approach and enter the holy place, proclaiming their righteousness to all. It may be true that these evil men do as they do, and boldly so, and are not punished for the harm they cause others; however long they persist in evil, even unto old age, a righteous man is the one who is much better off, because he fears the true God.'...Eccl. 8: 10-12

    However much we do or do not believe the above, I perceive that soon 'Haman will be hanged upon the gallows he intended for the blameless one.' Call me old fashioned.


  • Gordy
  • Abandoned
    Do I think this will happen, No. Making the general public aware, priceless.

    I think it will happen. I think that as we learn more and more about the immoral, mind-control tactics used by many groups, and seeing as how religions generally offer salvation and a relationship with god, neither which can be proven, that being a religion is no longer going to make an organization free from fiduciary accountability.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    CoCo again, Rest.-----

    When major corporations collapse - such as Enron - thousands suffer terrible loss financially. I know some personally. Their lives can be totally upended, particularly if they become destitute as a result. When a religious entity is exposed and loses face - whatever - those followers who truly are captive experience a mental, emotional and spiritual breakdown. Oh my gosh! I only now realize I'm talking about us! One JW woman, whose story is published, went bonkers because all she trusted was skewered. About five family members were DFed because they refused to back down on a WT deception. She too was DFed. Though she knew the Society was wrong, her loosing everything - literally - sent her over the edge and into a destructive life-style.

    I want to see accountability for the WTB&TS, but I'm truly concerned over the fallout when "she" [The Society of Easy Virtue] has to face the music. We'll certainly have our work cut out for us. All we can do is wait and see.



    Restrangled..WBT$ is a religious organization!..They own 50% of a multi billion dollar company that does business with the US Navy..WBT$ owns 50% of the Rand Cam Engine Corp..WBT$ dosen`t have to account to anybody!.They are Gods Organization!..Now lets have a war and make the WBT$ some serious cash!..OUTLAW

  • Alpheta

    WTBTS in the United States is exempt from filing any kind of federal or state income tax returns. It is the law applying to religious charitable organizations and it's a big loophole waiting to be exploited by the unscrupulous. ALL churches incorporated as religious charitable organizations are also exempt from filing income tax returns - catholic, lutheran, episcopalian, baptist, mormon, etc. etc. This is not a scam, it's the federal law and until such time as the federal law is changed, NO religious charitable organization is required to file as much as an informational return.

    Any "ordinary" U.S. corporation in which WTBTS owns shares is required to file an annual Federal Income Tax Return. I don't know if these returns are available online, they may be at EDGAR, I haven't checked. Keep in mind that as a shareholder, WTBTS is not entitled to a percentage of net income (if any) unless the corporation is a Sub-chapter S corporation, in which case net gains or losses are passed along to the shareholders, similar to a partnership.

    The tax returns of corporations whose stock is held by WTBTS won't give you the information you want to know - about WTBTS's potential gains from holdings in such corporation. You can figure that out simply by keeping track of the share price of any publicly traded corporation in which WTBTS owns stock. If the corporation is privately held, then we don't have access to such information unless the corporation files reports with Hoover's, Dun & Bradstreet, etc., some of which information may be accessible to the public for free, but more likely you'd have to pay a fee to access financial information.

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