Research: searching for a picture of protest in France

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  • Ozner

    Dear Friends,

    At this moment I do some research about the other face of the JW organisation, with focus on the role of WTG officials.

    I'm searching for a picture of protesting JW's in the streets of Strassbourg or Paris, in the Watchtower against France Tax case.

    The French website of the Watchtower published this picture of protesting JW's in front of the Strassbourg buildings of the EU.

    If you have this picture, please post it in topic!!

    You can help me a lot.

    Greetings, from an Inside researcher...

  • Atlantis
  • Ozner

    Atlantis, thanx, this helps me much. The France Watchtower website has published some different pictures, although the pictures are not on the site anymore. I hope someone has those pictures in an archive. The pictures shows witnesses protesting in Strasbourg with banners etc right before the EU buildings.

    I hope there is someone from France who can upload these pictures.

    Atlantis, thank you very much!

    Inside Researcher...

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