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  • Undecided

    I carried my wife and her sister out shopping. I was about 35 miles from home and it was raining. I dropped them off at the door of the store and parked the car so they wouldn't get wet. I walked up to where they were shopping so I could know when to pick them up. I went to get the car and it wouldn't start, not even click or make any noise at all. I went bonkers. I cussed and lost it for a few minutes. I finally thought about the little electronic thing on the key that tells the computer that it's legit. I think maybe it got wet, anyway I cleaned it and it started up OK.

    They thought something had happened to me since they couldn't see the car. When I picked them up my wife's sister listened to her messages on her cell phone. A preacher friend of her's had left a message that his car wouldn't start and he had to have it towed.

    She said it's strange, he was praying that his car would start and God didn't help. You were cussing and the devil helped you. I couldn't stop laughing.

    Ken P.

  • candidlynuts


    i've often found kicking something and cussing is a great repair technique!

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    The lord works in mysterious ways! Praise Jah!

    Good thinking, I'll have to remember that as I believe we have "smart" keys too.

  • juni

    That's funny Ken! How polite of you to leave the ladies at the door because of the rain. What a gent!

    Good deeds always get rewarded!


  • unhappy
    The lord works in mysterious ways! Praise Jah!

    Amen to that.


  • Abandoned


    She said it's strange, he was praying that his car would start and God didn't help. You were cussing and the devil helped you. I couldn't stop laughing.

    Yeah, god does everything in it's power to set up those it claims to love for failure.

  • Confession

    This kind of reasoning would occur to me all the time--even while I was a JW elder. Usually when fellow JWs would present "experiences" that seemed to suggest Jehovah had acted in their behalf, I generally remained silent and nodded. I preferred that my confidence in the organization be a little more rational, I guess. To me, this is how I imagined a conversation immediately following one of these "experiences."

    THEY: "...and I could feel Jehovah's smile of approval on me."

    ME: "Some might say this experience was a matter of chance; not necessarily an act of divine involvement."

    THEY: "Oh, of COURSE they might! They'll say, "This is just a figment of your imagination. Sometimes good things just happen to people." But they weren't there, were they? If they'd been there, they'd have felt Jehovah's hand just like I did. They simply lack faith."

    ME: "So you're very sure that this was actually Jehovah making this happen then?"

    THEY: "I KNOW that it was, because I could never have come up with such a thing from my imagination. Think about it. I'm one of His servants. I was in need. He miraculously provided for me."

    ME: "Not your imagination then? Didn't "just happen"?"

    THEY: "Impossible!"

    ME: "Well then, what about allll of the people of Christendom--and all of the similar types of "experiences" they relate? Turn on any TV ministry and see for yourself the endless procession of people--all with descriptions of how God miraculously blessed them. I've met several myself who've claimed this--none of them whatsoever involved with Jehovah's Witnesses. What do you say of them?"

    THEY: "It was just their imagination. Sometimes good things can just happen to people."

  • luna2

    LOL, Ken. Glad the debbil heard your curses and caused you to think of drying the little chip thingy off.

    Confession, that always used to annoy me too...people (any people, not just JWs) claiming that god had blessed them because something worked out to their benefit.

    I worked with one dope who was one of those rabid born-againers. One Sunday morning he couldn't find his kid's shoes and was frantic because Doofus had to play in the Praise Band at the VA hall they rented for Worship services and didn't want to be late for his weekly dose of attention and validation.

    After searching high and low, he finally went to his knees in prayer to Gawd...and lo and behold, his prayers were answered. His wife located the missing footwear under the couch. OMG! Lord, thank you for your bountious mercy and grace in helping us find our stupid shoes!! People are starving, kids are being abused, war and violence plague the earth...but you found it more important to bless our search for articles of clothing rather than tackle any of those problems. Thank you Jebus!

    I always love the dub stories too. Their car broke down on the highway but Jah blessed them by influencing a worldly guy to stop and help...or they got offered a job just before unemployement bennies ran out...or they found a $10 bill in the gutter when they had no money and desperately needed gas/groceries/a haircut. Nothing was ever just a fortuitous coincidence.

  • Confession

    I'm with you, Luna2. I guess I don't have a major problem with the basic notion that God can "bless" people. I used to tell myself that God gave me life--and so I was willing to give credit to Him for all of the good things that happened to me. The specific thing that cracks me up is the certainty so often expressed by these people.

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