The Society's mum on this book, "THE TETRAGRAMMATON and ... Greek ....

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  • Fatfreek

    Here's a strange one. I found this book online, a free to download pdf copy of

    and the
    A comprehensive study of the
    divine name in the original writings of
    the Christian Greek Scriptures (New Testament).
    First Edition, 1996
    Second Edition 1998
    Released for internet, 2000

    I did a little skimming and although I can't find a named author, I find that the author was probably a JW. For all I know he continues as such. This online book also reveals letters he wrote to the Society and local officials in his attempt to get some kind of feedback to this massive undertaking before actually publishing it. He got none. Short of that he may have released it to the internet out of frustration.

    I found the following quotation very puzzling.

    "Note to the reader: Prior to, and during the duration of this correspondence (except for a short interval at the death of a family member), the author regularly attended either a Theocratic School/Service Meeting or a Book Study. (Weekly attendance continues until present.) At no time prior to the July 15, 1997 date suggested in the author's letters was there confirmation that the books and letters were received, nor was any attempt made to explain why a meeting would not be convened. In addition, at no time has there been formal communication of any kind from the Service Department, the District or Circuit Overseers, or the congregation Elders to either this request or to the subsequent letter dated July 18, 1997."

    Can someone fill us in on this mystery? Who is the author. Is there any more we can learn about the circumstances of their refusal to communicate with him (or her).


  • Kaput

    Howdy, Pard!

    The author is Lynn Lundquist from Portland, Oregon. Latest address is P.O. Box 301294. Zip is 97294-9294. Don't know if he's still studying or not.


  • Fatfreek

    And what a good researcher you are, good friend. I just did a search for that name inside the book and got no hits. A brilliant guy, however, and either is, or was, an Oregon legislator. Prolific writer on all kinds of subjects. Obviously too intellectual to join the cult. I have no idea how someone like that could sit in on more than a few meetings. Thanks for jumping in to my rescue. Fats

  • cyberguy

    If I recall correctly, the guy initially studied with the JW’s but went in a different direction after he saw some glaring problems with JW teachings. He was never a JW. He has a Trinitarian bent, but his arguments are not convincing enough for me in his treatise. On the other hand, he highlights many good reasons for not replacing LORD with Jehovah as the NWT does.

  • TheOldHippie

    His point it that the Name SHOULD be used throughout the OT, but NOT in the NT, as it there applies to Jesus.

  • truthsearcher

    I ordered hard copies of the books at the website. They arrived for free and included a research CD. They are very respectful in tone towards JWs, but thoroughly pointing out error. I have considered what would happen if I gave one to an elder that I know. He actually gave me a copy of a document at that website: a review of "Truth in Translation" (a book he just bought from Amazon that paints the NWT as a reliable unbiased translation, hah!) I was surprised to see where the review had come from, and wonder if he would read more...

  • Death to the Pixies
    Death to the Pixies

    The WT to my knowldege has not responded to his book, there is nothing new in his book anyhow. I know of a few individual Witnesses have in the essay book"Your Word is Truth" by Anthony Byatt, Greg Stafford has in both his 3 dissertations and JWDII. The worst response was from former JW apologist Heinz Schmitz, who just whined the entire time in his reply about Lynn's motive. I have read Lynn's book and have found him very polite and respectful in his tone,and he has been nice enough to answer a few of my questions. He is one of the few Evangelical based apologists, unlike Robert Morey and Ron Rhodes, that are not legally retarded.

    I recommend Dr. Trobisch's book, which you can find here:

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