If you own a big dog....merry Christmas from the neighbors!

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  • restrangled

    At 8:30 this morning someone was banging at our front door, figured it was JW's.

    There stood a large man with a clip board and I thought to myself, are they still delivering the tracts? I opened the door ready to give him hell. Low and behold its a county employee telling me a neighbor reported that one of my dogs was roaming loose yesterday.

    My dogs have never been loose, don't sit outside barking and I keep the back yard as clean as possible so no odors are wafting about for my neighbors. We walk our dogs at night because they are atttacked by all the "loose dogs in the neighborhood."

    I asked the guy, did they have a description?...no, .....dog collar?....don't know.....He finally admitted after sitting in my living room for 20 minutes it probably wasn't my dog but they were definate about the address.

    ....since he was here he needed to see rabies tags, which I had. He then wanted county licesnes for these dogs. Since I had just recently adopted them and the county wanted rabies documents in my name, I couldn't get the tags. Apparently HIPPA regulations now apply to animals because after calling the vets, none will release info on these dogs. I had the certificates...just not in my name. NOT GOOD ENOUGH>

    So I get to spend hundreds of dollars for vaccinations that are already current just to get a piece of paper with my name on it.....for a $6.00 tag. If I don't do this within 10 days its a $50.00 fine per dog per week.

    Thank you neighbors, I think I might let all the crap pile up in the back yard for your enjoyment.


  • Effervescent

    Can you find out who called it in? It sounds like someone just has too much time on their hands and needs to create a little drama for their own enjoyment. If so... I'd find a new home for all that dog poo in the backyard. Maybe they need some fertilizer on their front lawn.

    Ok, not really, but it's fun to fantasize about doing stuff like that.

    We had a neighbor like that. She hated our Lab/Shephard mix, and would hear other dogs barking in the neighborhood and blame it on him and complain. We lived in a neighborhood filled with dog sled teams for cripes sakes. You can't tell me my one dog is making more noise then them. In fact, he was mostly inside so she was just full of crap. It would make me crazy because she had two Westies she would allow to run around and they would get into my new gardens and dig. One day I came outside and caught her trying to lure them out of my yard. My flowers were all dug up and they were covered in mud. Her response? "Oh you naughty dogs, and I JUST gave you a bath". Needless to say I could have strangled her.

    Animal control was pretty cool about it though. He came twice and each time shook his head because he could plainly see that our dog was not the one barking. This one neighbor is probably the #1 reason I live in the middle of nowhere with no other houses in sight.

  • restrangled


    Thanks for your reply, I am still burning about this. I have no way of knowing what neighbor it was as it was an anonymous phone call.

    I would LOVE to live in the middle of no where. I have great neighbors to both sides of me and in front of my house. Plus down the street most people know us. There have been some new move ins so its probably one of them. I have a large bag of special contens that might be delivered if I ever find out who this was.

    We sit on 1/4 acre lots, but its still not enough room!!!!



  • mzliz

    what absolutely sucks besides the money is that its not so great to over vaccinate your dogs.I have a St. Bernard (my little love) and have been reading about DR. Jean Dodd's new shot protocol for dogs and cats, and vet schools are now changing their teachings because of this research. If anyones interested try googling the name, it was a bunch of info printed out for me so I'm not sure about the website. Basically it shows how rabies shot is mandatory every 1-3 years according to your state, but all other shots should be done the first year and actually aren't helpfull beyond that., can make your dog sick. If the antibodies are there from the first shots, they are still doing their job in protecting your dog, so instead you can get a titer done to check the levels of antibodies.some Old time vets have a problem with it, but the younger ones don't and I havent had a problem and she's super healthy. just wanted to pass this along, Liz

  • restrangled

    Mzliz, yes I have seen this and it is making me sick to revaccinate an animal that does not need it.

    I have a ten year old cat, that thankfully did not show her beautiful self while the county rep was here. She initially had shots when adopted but nothing since. (10 years) she is the picture of health and beauty.

    I comb her daily, make sure she has flea meds and thats it. Basically a totally pampered pet.

    I am upset to have to revaccinate a beautiful dog that has had his hips broken so can't run and is basically and indoor lovey. This boy is only 3 but was hit by a car after his previous owner let him loose after traveling.

    The hips and organs were shattered. He recovered but cannot run, has a difficult time sitting down, and when we walk him and start running, he litteraly stops dead because of pain.

    Yep this was the loose dog......my a$$

    He and his brother cost close to $4000.00. Yep, I'm going to let them loose.


  • sammielee24

    Sorry for all your troubles...I agree with the new policy some vets have around vaccinations. My cat was 17 when she passed on and I only got her vaccinated one time - when she was spayed. She was strictly an inside cat and very healthy except for one time when she had a hairball. My dogs I had kept up to date because they were at the vets more often and outside. I feel for you though - you obviously love your pets and thank goodness for people like you. Give them a hug for us...and have a merry christmas! sammieswife.


    When I lived in the city,a little old lady called the "City Dog Catcher"about one of my huskys..Just because he would chase her down the street in her electric cart..The nerve!..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • talley

    The rabies vaccination certificate applies to the specific DOG; not the current owner. It is the date of vaccination and duration of that particular vaccine type that matters the most.


    If it were me, I would go so far as to consult with a lawer. Your city/county boards are not licensed to practice medicine.

    Just my $.02 worth...


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