I'm sure many JW's get together and celebrate this time of year

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  • JH

    I remember when I became a JW. On December 25th a MS brother invited many brothers to his house for dinner. I was very confused...

    The way he talked, it was because we didn't celebrate Christmas and that we were all alone on that day, and that's why he made it look like a Christmas dinner .... I'm still confused.

    Merry Chirstmas brother

  • Billzfan23

    Are you kidding? I have never seen New Year's Eve parties like I did with the Dubs... They go nuts!

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan
    Are you kidding? I have never seen New Year's Eve parties like I did with the Dubs... They go nuts!

    how very true. The only differance is that they joke the entire night about how its 'not a new years eve part' (WTF???)


  • undercover

    Is that the minimus' family New Year's Eve party?

  • kls

    Most jws do , thou they say it isn't a Christmas or News Year celebration ( which it is), They do the celebrating, they just don't say the words.

    And you talk about a bunch of drunks .....Sheesh

  • Mulan

    After our entire family became JW's in 1950, we would still all go to grandma's house (grandpa's house too :) for Christmas Day. There wasn't tree and no presents but we had everything else. Grandma made the best fruitcake, soaked in Apricot Brandy, Divinity and Fudge, big turkey dinner, with all the trimmings. My one aunt and her kids, who hadn't become JW's would come for dinner after having Christmas at their house.

    We did the same for Thanksgiving. New Years Eve was my grandparent's wedding anniversary and we always had a big party at their house that night too.

    I didn't miss a thing. We got presents other times, so it was all good in our family.


    We did already at Thanksgiving.... Turkey, mashed potatoes, etc. Plus we had friends and family over. We never "celebrated" christmas though but growing up pops always made us turkey dinner and I continue the tradition.

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