BEST BUY employees not allow to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

by lighthouse19something 3 Replies latest social current

  • lighthouse19something

    Employees of Best Buys have been warned they'll be fired if they say "Merry Christmas' to customers according to Bill O'Reily,but the chain denies this. Anyone have more info?

  • kls

    I have heard many retailors telling their employees the same thing , in stead many are to say" Happy Holidays" . Not sure what the difference is but it seemd the direct wording of "Merry Christmas" is a bad thing

  • Swamboozled

    I think "happy holidays" is encouraged in most retail outlets and this isn't anything new. It's to include the people who celebrate Chanukah and Kwanza.

  • POs Son
    POs Son

    I really enjoyed shopping in Minnesota this week. I received kind "Merry Christmas" greetings at nearly every store. I thanked them for wishing me such, as I dont hear it much back home.

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