Mickey Spillane and the "Holy Trinity"

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  • Stephanus

    Does anyone remember the Columbo episode where Mickey Spillane was the murder victim? I just saw it on TV1 today. Spillane plays a bestselling author () who decides to change publishers. Jack Cassidy plays the spurned publisher who decides to kill Spillane. In one scene he pretends to be drunk and stumbles in on Spillane and his new publisher and agent who are at a bar, and says "Ah! There they are - The Holy Trinity!"

    I just found that interesting, considering Spillane's a Dub, and that he had that long-standing wager concerning the Trinity. Does anyone have any insight about that episode? Could Spillane himself have suggested the use of "Holy Trinity" in that disparaging manner?

  • lighthouse19something

    He passed away 7-17-06 at 88 years old. Is related to the Spillane on the GB/

  • Stephanus
  • blondie

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    Holy Trinity of Mystery Writers




  • Amazing

    Spillane was disfellowshipped twice because of his writings ... but he seems to have had a love-hate relationship with the JWs. My mother loved his books, and she despised the JWs.

    Jim Whitney

  • Stephanus

    The episode was made in 1974, and from what has been said here, must have been during one of his disfellowshipped periods. As I said earlier, since Spillane had that famous standing wager regarding the Trinity, I found the term "Holy Trinity" in this episode interesting. But Spillane wasn't the writer of the episode, so I wonder if he had any input.

    So far, it seems no-one here can even remember the episode - was Columbo a no-no for Dubs at any stage?

  • blondie

    I can't imagine that Columbo would have bothered any but the most picky JW, probably the kind that says they never watch TV.

    Spillane played a writer that was murdered.

    I have scoured Google and not a reference to that. Guess you'll have to rent the DVD.


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