Maybe, Just Maybe, He is thinking.

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  • icocer

    For over a year I have been repeating the fact that the watchtower is misrepresenting the early christians in their "Should you believe in the Trinity" to my JW co-worker. I tell him that I can't find their references as well as I have over 20 references that say the complete opposite. Time and time again I have spoken about this and I get dismissed in a number of ways. He even told me to write the Governing Body. I told him that I would if he researches with me and then we'll write the letter together.

    Well today I mentioned that tonight CNN has some series on the early christians. As the conversation progressed he said he was considering writting the Governing body in order to answer my questions. He had a sheet that contained the early christians quotes in their booklet to confirm that those were the ones in dispute. Yep, there they were in there elliptical glory. Well see what happends. Please prayer for him.

    If you have some input please on this topic please give. EX. Good books to read. I have read a pamphlet that I bought on Randy's site. Websites. Whatever.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    I have a JW co-worker just like him.... in the end, they "see" only what they want to see...

    hope it works out.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    you picked a great topic "how honest is the trinity booklet"? there a a few books that go over just about every reference in the booklet. let me see if i can find a few links and post them. but i'm sure others here will give you over a dozen sites to refute the trinity booklet. keep pressing this issue. you can't lose. remember if the wt is lying in thier mag's then how can any one trust them. john

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