My family is held so tight

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  • whatlite?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    My sister has not spoken to me in almost two years. She thinks I am an apostate for knowing the Watchtower joined the UN. She finally talks to me to tell me to read the December 10th article. She wants me to let her know what I think.

    If anyone recalls, that article starts with a quote from Edgar Morin (president of UNESCO). Now you tell me they don't still belong to the UN. Anyway what would you guys say so that maybe I can get my family to wake up and start seeing the light. I really miss them and want them to be part of my life again but they won't have anything to do with me until I go to meetings. I need your help.

    Thanks a bunch,


  • Billzfan23

    Unfortunitely, you are probably stuck. Chances are good that unless they all come to their senses - they will never have open association or communication with you again. Have you thought about attending a few meetings, making a fake confession to the elders, and then submitting a letter of re-association so that you can get back in, albeit weak and inactive - at least you won't be alienated from the family. It's not ideal, but it works for some... Then you can slowly and carefully start distancing the rest of the family from the borg - doing so in a tactful way... there are options and tactics that work.

  • Outaservice

    Personally, I would not go back to meetings as that only encourages them that they have the 'truth' and something of value that you need. Prayer of course would be in order, as God can do stuff that seems impossible to us.

    But 'be patient' and consider this as suffering for righteousness sake. Who knows what the future holds in their congregation and lives.

    I speak from authority, as I have been totally shunned by a JW daughter for many years, but it looks like God may have gotten in the mix recently.


  • reneeisorym

    It all depends on if you have faith in anything or not. The best thing is to attact their crazy doctrine but this only works if you have faith in Jesus now.

  • Wild_Thing

    It took some time, but my family and I now have an unspoken mutual understanding. They don't say anything to me about not being a witness, and I don't say anything to them (or challenge them) about being a witness. Sometimes it makes it awkward, and I sometimes I wish so bad I could show them things to wake them up, but it in reality, they probably wouldn't listen or believe me, and it would only serve to alienate them. I talk to them frequenltly and see my neices and nepthew often.

  • XU

    Are you DF'd or DA'd? Is it possible your sister wants confirmation that you are an "apostate"? Because, maybe you should ask her what she thinks. She could use the practice (thinking on her own). I would think playing the role of a safe sounding board for her would be better for you than unleashing all your knowledge onto her and having it be too much for her and have her run away for good.

  • sspo

    Why does she think you are an apostate just for knowing about the UN.

    Remind her it's been in the news and most Dubs know about it but they choose to throw under the rug and don't deal with it.

    Try to keep peace with her the best you can and not make waves and make it worst, maybe in time she will see the light and realize the Borg is just another religion.

  • rolling rock

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