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  • Billzfan23

    This is going to sound like a strange question - but throughout my years in the organization, I would hear reports of those coming out of the world into the truth who had problems with demons. I mean people who would swear that Satan or his demons literally caused supernatural occurrences that they were witnesses of. Does anyone have any real, honest stories of demon influence or encounter? I am talking about demon possession, homes or possessions that were haunted, things being manipulated in the house, etc. The witness dogma and doctrine is interesting to so many people because they claim to have the explanation for why things like this occur (Satan) and teach that using the name "Jehovah" in faith is a real deterrent to such activity. Any comments or experiences?

  • kpappl

    i was not raised a witness, i became a witness in my early twenty's, the thing that i find odd is that i never had any demonic experiences except for when i became a witness... i don't know if this counts but at night i would have terrible nightmares the the demons were possessing my body and the dreams were so real that i could not wake up from them. they were terrifying! I left the org 17 years ago and have not had a dream like that since. interesting huh?

  • noni1974

    I've had that problem as well it's called sleep paralyis.It happens when your mind wakes up and your body is still asleep.It can be very scary but it's not demons.It's brought on by stress.In my case I would be sleeping and I would feel like I couldn't move.I would be very cold and feel like I had an evil presence laying on top of me.I would try to scream and nothing would happen.I couldn't open my eyes.I was fully aware of my body but I couldn't move.The best way to get rid of this is to realize what is going on and relax.The more you fight it the worse it seems to get.

  • MadTiger

    Thanks for the info.

    I have had both types of experiences.

    Saw a demon-possessed lady while in field service working with my mother (What? Are you calling my mother a [email protected]#$ing liar??!!!).

    I also have had two episodes of that "sleep paralysis," I guess.

    So, while I do believe in wicked spirits, I don't believe they directly manifest themselves like that very often.

  • JWdaughter

    No demon issues except for my children occassionally, but they always change back.

    I have had sleep paralysis also. TERRIFYING! Once I knew what it is, I mentally relaxed all my muscles and bones (whatever) and breathed deep. It stopped after I learned to manage it. The idea of having it again bothers me-because it is very disturbing. It isn't demons though, just a weird wake up.

  • heathen

    I believe I've had those type of experiences and have posted them before.I've seen apparitions and strange things that are paranormal . Evil spirits can ruin your life . They are noisy and wake you up in the middle of the night .I believe there are actually people that know spell casting and various forms of spiritism , they too can be very bothersome. I even think the WTBTS is demonized and they like to play those type of occultic games .It's all real to me.

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    When I first left the org the question of the supernatural puzzled me. I'd heard lots of stories about ghosts, demon possession etc and while I couldn't fully believe them myself they obviously felt real to the people involved. The conclusion I came to is that the human pscyhe like to anthropomormise experiences that maybe don't have a personal aspect to them. The mind likes to think in terms of if this or that happened then someone or something must be responsible, when in fact it probably wasn't the case. Only natural I suppose and fundamentaly why lots of people have a hard time with evolution as opposed to the religious idea that someone is responsible for everything.

    A couple of months back I stayed in Wales with some of my family at some old cottages in the country. My cousin, her husband and her little 4 year old kid Jessica, along with my gran were staying in a small cottage in the grounds of the larger cottage where the rest of us were staying. After 3 days I was told the story that they were leaving cos the cottage was spooked and they wouldn't stay there any longer and the owner of the holiday cottage when told had apparently said 'yes it is haunted'. They said they had all seen a girl with long black hair walk through the house and sit in a particular chair. This happened on the first night they were there. Jessica had also apparently said the day after to my gran not to sit in the chair as that's where the little girl sits.

    Ok I won't go on too much with how I got to the bottom of this story but suffice to say it was different from the scary ghost story that I was told. First off it seemed strange that it happened on the first night but they didn't bring it up till 2 days later. My gran said she had seen the apparition at first but when I reminded her that the day after the alleged incident she had been surprised about Jeesica saying a little girl sat in the chair, which she would have known if she had seen it. She revised he story to having a 'funny feeling' about the place. I asked Jessica if she had seen anything and she said she hadn't but had heard her dad talking about it with her mum the night before (and therefore had made the comment the day after). Her mum wasn't in the room at the time of the apparition but came in just after her husband had allegedly seen it and said she 'felt funny' (whether this was before or after her husband had told her the tale I don't know). Her husband had been drinking and was a bit woozy that night and saw or thought he saw the ghostly incident which bore more than a resemblance to some famous horror movie characters (The Ring etc) that I know he has seen in the past.
    So what started as a ghost story with everyone scared and leaving turned out to be one person feeling or seeing (in his own mind imo) a presence. Anyway they still all felt spooked so I stayed in the cottage the rest of the holiday and the rest of the family in the other house had to budge up as best they could to accomodate my cousins and granny. So I had a 3 bed cottage to myself and not a peek from any ghosts or any 'funny feelings' for the 4 days I was there.

    Sorry that was kind of an anti-ghost story but the topic reminded me of that holiday.

  • heathen

    NWT -- just because you saw nothing doesn't mean others didn't . It's always interesting how on these type threads of share your experience people will show up with their disbelief. Fine disbelieve but don't tell everybody they are not experiencing these things just because you don't believe .

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    Heathen - Yeah it is just my opinion and I tried not to categorically say nothing supernatural occurred. What I was trying to say is that the ghost stories I have heard through the years that have been convincing with corroborating evidence from various people have tended to unravel when you get to what actually happened.

    I would love to hear a rock solid story about a supernatural happening. It would be fascinating to figure out the scientific explanations for the occurrences. I studied physics at college so I'm always interested in the fundamentals of the physical world. There's some interesting hypothesis around about how consciousness works. One is that it doesn't dwell in the physical aspect of the brain but in the electromagnetic field surrounding the body and hence could possibly survive the death of that body. Another is that the energies of the person is absorbed by the surroundings while they are alive and continue to resonate after they die. I'm open minded on a lot of these theories. However I've yet to hear a totally convincing experience that can't be explained in other terms apart from the supernatural. That's also true for organisations like CSICOP who have $million up for grabs for any scientific proof.
    What I reject is the religious aspect to supernatural things; that these apparitions or occurrences are somehow for your benefit or hindrance or to be feared or worshipped.

  • heathen

    NWT-- There are people out there compiling evidence all the time. Even the TAPS people have caught paranormal activity on film and use several ways to detect the event with EVP and heat sensor camera . True people will forge evidence but I know what I experienced so believe even if they had not produced any. I suggest you watch some ghost hunters episodes or look at their site.

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