Re-enactment of the Milgram Experiment

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  • C_of_Tranquility

    Before it was illegal to do psychology experiments on humans, Dr. Milgram did this test to see what people will do simply if they're told to. It's a 10 minute clip so check it out here-----> ......there are others that are similar you can Google like the Stanford Prison Experiment and Jane Elliott. But I found Dr. Milgram's experiment the most disturbing and while you watch the clip keep in mind there are no guns held to anyone's head for enforcement.

  • VM44

    William Shatner played Dr. Milgram in a TV movie based upon the experiment.

    Perhaps someone can find out the name of it? I believe it was from the late 1970's.

    As Spock would have said...."Fascinating".


  • What-A-Coincidence

    I read his book. I love it!

    but ... the link dunt work? can you repost???

  • SirNose586

    Not working...

  • C_of_Tranquility

    try this one....... or just go to and use their search engine....also maybe this experiment should be updated instead with using the FDS and the R&F as test subjects this time . Anyone here who majored in psychology? hehe

  • tijkmo

    a 'magician' in the uk called derryn brown did a reconstruction recently...with exactly the same results...unbelievable

    peter gabriel has a song about it on pg3...called 'we do what we're told'

  • Ariel84

    We were just discussing this experiment in my psych class a couple weeks ago. I think it shows that free will is not necessarily complete; humans do not always freely choose what to do.

    As is the case with the F&DS and the R&F like C_of_Tranquility had mentioned. I think this scenario is similiar to when elders on a liaison committee are pressuring the parents of a young child who desperately needs medical treatment not to allow it. The parents love they're child and want them to live. In they're hearts they know that they should allow they're child to receive the treatment, but because of the tremendous authority the WTBTS exercises over the R&F they comply. This isn't true in every case, but sadly it does happen.

  • blondie

    Who remembers the school teacher who divided her class into 2 groups, blue-eyed and brown-eyed and had the kids pretend that the blue-eyed children were inferior.

    That was eerie.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I have a DVD-movie of an experiment called Das Experiment with english subtitles. It is based on many of the other experiments done before the Ethics committees put a stop to them. This particular experiment was supposed to go for 14 days. They cut it short as many of the real experiments were stopped

    Group behavior, power and authority issues contribute a great deal to how people behave. Far more than most people understand.

    As for the WTS and other cults they depend a great deal on the group behavior. A new person is encouraged to get to meetings asap. Taking them to conventions has even more of an impact. A lot of people don't consider a group like the JWs with thousands of people to be underhanded and manipulated. They look so normal and they aren't off living in a small commune

    But that group mentality urges a person to think "If there are so many of them it can't be wrong" Once they are "in" the same group mentality motivates them to follow like lambs to the slaughter.

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