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  • free2beme

    I have worked in customer service for years and because of this, I truly know the dark side of society and how people treat those to whom they will never meet. While we might think that people who provide customer service are rude, inconsiderate and unthankful. Take a moment to think about how we as a society treat one another. For example, when you call in with a problem on something and treat the person who answers the phone like they are the one who caused the problem, made the decision who lead to your hassle and treat them with all the anger you have built up. Why do you do this? Because you can, right? When you go into a store and look at clothing that is nicely stacked and unfold everything and leave it in a pile for someone else to redo. You feel is okay. Because you can do it, right? When you bounce a check, and call your bank to complain about it and treat that person rude, even though they have never seen your account before, never helped balance your account and never even spoke to you. You feel you have the right to do this? Because you can, right?

    Isn't it interesting how much we think we own customer service people. We think that all those dollars we spend, give us some super human right to treat people in customer service like animals to beat down and make feel smaller then us, when we are not happy with something or feel wronged. Yet why are we unhappy with something, why do we feel wronged? Could it be, that to many people used the thinking "Because you can" and took advantage of the thought, to the point that the flip side works against us?

    Take 80-100 calls one day in a call center with most people taking that attitude with you, and find our how much effort you started with to help and ended with. Soon you learn that customer service reps also have this power. Oh, you want a credit for a mistake you made, sorry I will not give that to you, "Because I can." Oh you want customer service on this busy day of me folding all these shirts left in a pile and feel irritated that I do not jump to your every need, sorry I also have to keep the store looking good and that means I can sit hear ignoring you, "Because I can." Oh you want to complain about your poor money management and treat me like a jerk for not baby sitting your one account out of millions and making sure you do not make mistakes you should be old enough to know about now. When I explain what should be done, and know that it irritates you to realize I am showing you it is your mistake, realize that is, "Because I can."

    It forever shocks me in customer service for so many years, that people do not realize that their "Because I can" attitude can work both ways and it is a endless circle of hatred to no end. Next time you speak with a customer service rep, on the phone or in person. Why not also realize that "You can be nice" and "you can choose to not be condescending" or "you can be patient." Customer service in any business is not always the walk in the park easy job, you think it is. That is why people often say this one question to people who think it is, "HAVE YOU EVER WORKED WITH THE PUBLIC?" It is a question that means a lot, because if you do not know what the word PUBLIC means. Then you probably do think customer service people are all out to get you, be rude and treat you like a child. At the same time, there are a lot of bad customer service reps out there. Just remember, they did not always start that way. Some were molded slowing by THE PUBLIC to be the rude individual that irritated you today, "Because they can."

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Good post.

    I have had to deal with customer service often on behalf of my mother in law or just for ourselves and learned a long time ago to treat them with patience and kindness. It goes a long way. I rarely encounter a nasty cs person. More often then not, engaging them in light conversation and keeping things friendly can go a long way. Acknowledging that they are only doing their job and can only do so much can have very positive results. A few times I've had to talk with management, but only because they were the only ones who could really do something about a situation.

    I would hate to work with the public. So, I give them a lot of credit.

  • MeneMene

    Good topic - It's always good to be reminded to be nice. I recently retired and the last 6 years were in a call center. Some of us worked mostly written complaints but all had to take at least a day or two a week on the phones. You have my emphathy. Been there - done that! . . . It was always amazing to me how rare it is for anyone to accept responsibility for their own mistakes. Sometimes customers do need to be persistent (but be nice about it). . . . It always felt good to help someone get a problem resolved. . . . When I think about maybe getting a part time job I just move right on past the call center/customr service ads.

  • evetteto

    I love customer service for that has as been my posistion in all my working years. I started working at an answering service in Beverly Hills for the Entertainment ( all entities ), the so called Elite Doctors, Big name Attorneys, Very Famous Celebreties Office and residentials, and the people of everyday lide who could afford the service. Now you answer and can hv up to 20 lines at a time, aft years of this I went to the telephone co, directory thats a piece of cake; folks calling in not knowing the business name of the company they are looking for, depends on what corner they are standing on cuz some hv said its right down the street I can see the bldg on 7th & main but I cant see the name ...go figure..Sir/maam I need the name of the I'm in for an argument....bottom-line Do unto others as you wld have them do unto you!!!


  • 5go

    The sad part is from my experience some of the worst come from the service industry. So they know how to do things to get their way. Like pushing certain buttons knowing your already stressed to the breaking point. Or telling how they would do things.

    Just because you do things one way at your store does not mean we do it the same at this store even in the same company. There are diffrent people and history between stores. Sometimes the forces a change that isn't adopted at other stores.

    Checks are my favorite pet peave they are so in need of going away. I wish every store would adopt a no check policy. Checks are good for paying bills and nothing else. I bet half you don't relize your account number and rounting number is on the bottom if someone gets that say bye bye to your money.

  • free2beme
    I bet half you don't relize your account number and rounting number is on the bottom if someone gets that say bye bye to your money.

    I agree with that so much. If people only knew how much that number on the bottom of the check could ruin their life, they would never give one to another person ever again.

  • exwitless

    I am a big promoter of customer service. When I am in the position of providing customer service, it is part of my personality to smile and say thank you and make the customer feel appreciated. I have good cutomer service skills, but I also expect it in return. Why is it that 9 times out of 10 I'm the one saying Thank You to the cashier when I buy something? I don't get why, when I'm standing at a counter for 10 minutes waiting for help, the employee makes direct eye contact and keeps going about her business, without even a "I'll be with you in a minute". I despise rude people (waiters, cashiers, drive through workers, whoever) and I have on occasion brought it to the attention of the manager when they are unmistakably rude. Employers in service industries should not tolerate people who cannot deal well with customers. Rudeness or indifference should never be OK.

    On the flip side, I try to make a point to let people (and/or their manager) know when they've been kind, patient, helpful, etc. I have been guilty of calling up my health insurance company, angry about the fact that despite my numerous phone calls and lots of time wasted, they still haven't resolved the problem. But there are certain people who are really good about diffusing that kind of anger, and they 'kill me with kindness'. In the end, I always thank the nice ones for being so helpful and kind.

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