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  • Atlantis

    After I posted the "1969 Kingdom Interlinear Translation" pdf, my friend (Anonymous), was kind-hearted enough to provide us with a "Searchable" pdf of the Kingdom Interlinear of which the download link is listed below. This is the only "Searchable" pdf of the 1969 Kingdom Interlinear on the net that I am aware of. Anonymous knows that there are many "master researchers" coming here to this forum and their time is valuable. When researchers are able to find what they are looking for in the Kingdom Interlinear quickly, then this can make all the difference in the world when time is of the essence. Besides, (Anonymous) out-shines me when it comes to technical pdf files. Those who downloaded the first Kingdom Interlinear Translation PDF might want to replace it with this one. Here is a little more information from (Anonymous) ******************************************************************************************* Atlantis, I have decided to rework the KIT file. It is now searchable. Adobe 7 is not compatible with Greek characters so you can only search English words.

    Also, the bookmarks are expanded. Each book of the NT (Christian Greek Scriptures) is expandable and every chapter is bookmarked. So, say for example you wanted to look up Acts 15:3. Click on the bookmarks tab. Then click on the expansion for Acts. And there you have it! You will see a link for Ac 15 which will take you right to Acts chapter 15. This feature shouldspeed up searches.

    Adding these features made the file much larger. So, the "Optimizer" option was used to shrink the file down. Approx. 83MB

    That means, however, that you must have at least version 7 of Adobe Reader to read the file: Click the link below and when the next page appears scroll down to the bottom and wait for a [ yellow and orange download button ] then click that download button. http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=fff29a8b442a19106b61176ab4c7e0bd Cheers! Atlantis- (Credit goes to Anonymous)

  • veradico

    This is awesome! Has this been done with other JW publications?

  • Atlantis


    Thank you! I am quite sure there are some other pubs out there that are searchable.

    Cheers! Atlantis-

  • Justahuman24

    Thanks! I have a copy of the KIT, the 1988 (?) edition. It's somewhere in the basement! justahuman - but super nonetheless

  • cabasilas

    Back in 1980 I was teetering on leaving the JWs. There was a well known "opposer" in our city and I decided to contact him. His area of exertise was some studies he was doing on the New World Translation.

    He had actually travelled to NYC and checked out the libraries the KIT cited that they'd used for what they called the J-versions. There was J-1 up to J-21. The KIT had said they had "restored" the name Jehovah to the Greek Scriptures (NT) 237 times but had not done so in another 72 occurrences because there was not enough "support" for it. All these (except 2) were footnoted in the KIT with references to these J-versions.

    Page 18 of the 69 KIT said that "all together" these occurences of the Tetragrammaton in the 19 Hebrew versions added up to 307 "distinct occurrences." But this researcher had found many more in those Hebrew versions. Many which the KIT did not mention. And the common thread to these was that they applied the Tetragrammaton to Christ.

    This blew me away. I wrote the Society on this. Eventually they answered but sent their reply to the City Overseer. They expressly stated they did so because often their replies would end up in publications of opposers! I guess they were afraid this was too sensitive. They acknowledged that there were other occurrences of the Tetragrammaton in those Hebrew versions but did not address why they had said otherwise.

    In 1985 the KIT was revised and all references to "307 distinct occurrences" was removed. In fact, the J-versions references were entirely reworked for the 1985 revision.

    This information has been put into a tract entitled "Hiding the Divine Name":


  • wifibandit

    Does anyone have a working link for the

    Searchable 1969 Kingdom Interlinear Translation PDF ?

  • leaving_quietly
  • hamsterbait

    All the books of the Rutherfraud Era, from "Harp of God "(1921) th "Children (1941)" are on a searchable CD called "Rutherford's Rainbow."

    If you have it you can compare the lies and revisionism to do with older Witchtower teachings found in recent litterature.

    One that still amuses me is that in one Biography article a man claimed to have been moved when he read in the Harp of God that Christs invisible presence started in 1914! (HOG *wash*) actually puts it as 1874, not changed untill 1928 to 1914. Too obvious and easy a fact to check for it not to be a deception on the part of the writer.

  • sparky1

    Hamsterbait, reference please on the biography. I would like to read it because I need a good laugh. Thanks!

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