GB: Victims or Orchestrators

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  • Qcmbr

    While discussing how powerless the System (govt. schools etc..) makes us (how free are you really?) I got to thinking about how inanimate systems trap us - even when we seem to be at the top - into being 'their' slaves. Taking a look at the GB - they are derived from believing members and then they have to take over the reins of a huge organisation - do they really have much control over something that big? Let's say for example that each one secretly detests the blood doctrine - how could any one of them raise the issue and change it alone? Is it possible that the religion is now an elephant running amok dragging its helpless minders along with it? Do they wield any real power anymore or are they as trapped as anyone else?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    Do they wield any real power anymore or are they as trapped as anyone else?

    I think they still have the power and will continue to have the power until they are all gone.

    The average JW believes this group of men are spirit begotten sons of God and whatever they say is ``truth`

    They had an oportunity when Ray Franz was there to take a long hard look at what they were teaching JWs. He knew and he let them know they were wrong. But they chose to oust him and continue with the fantasy I think, and could be wrong, but up until that point I think they were just victims of a machine gone amok. But after that point there is no excuse. And to make matters worse they hid the facts.

    The same thing goes regarding issues like the UN, sexual abuse, abused wives, their opposing stands re MexicoéMalawi, the deliberate cover-ups, the reprinting of old books and just change a few words and the title a little book and sell it again,blood policy, 1975 and so many other years. There is just too many things being swept under the carpet. They can no longer sit back and talk over the mountain of issues that have been swept under the carpet.

    Are some deluded into thinking it is the truth? -- Probably but I find it hard to believe they are all victims

  • Zico

    All GB members start off as victims, like any other member. They start off as Rank & file members, like anyone else, who were tricked into the Orgs teachings, and then spend decades in full time Service, worshipping an Organisation with false teachings, but they must believe those to be true, as, why else would they work as unpaid volunteers for so long?

    Then, when they do get to the top, I think (but don't really know) that they must realise that something isn't quite right. I can't believe that you couldn't! But at this point, their whole lives, and their well-being, are totally dependant on this Org. They could admit they were wrong, pack it all in, or even just change their teachings to make it more mainstream, but they're too afraid of the consequences, that is, that without the Org, they will become nothing, and they will have nothing. Perhaps some do try, but clearly not enough of them are, because if they were, we'd see changes. You have to wonder how they can live with themselves? They are probably all in self-denial.

    See, the members don't really need the Organisation. The Organisation (or it's leaders) needs the members. And in order to keep the members, the leaders and writers have to convince the members that they do actually need the Organisation (them), and as any major changes within the religion would cause huge amounts of Witnesses to leave, they won't risk it, they're too selfish, they'll just keep themselves in denial, desperately holding on to it, and just hoping for the best.

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