Another Brazilian Transfusion Case

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    Now, a JW physician is envolved. Police will investigate the 19 years old woman's death and the paper of hospital, LHC elders and JW doctor.

    All in Portuguese, in these links: (under Fe' x Medicina - Polícia Civil vai investigar morte)

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    Can you tell us the situation? Or is there a translation somewhere?

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    well, i'll try (using BabelFish)

    Faith x medicine

    When the religion hits in ethics

    Young woman that refused transfusion of blood dies of leukemia

    Golden J. Arendartchuk
    Jaragua do Sul

    The death of a girl of 19 years for leukemia, in the night of monday, Florianopolis, relit controversy that involves the religious and ethical belief of the professional of the medicine. Follower of the religion JW, the young woman knew that she was with leukemia has about one month, when was to visit its mother in Curitiba.
    In the Hospital Erasto Gaetner, she was informed that the indicated treatment would be the blood transfusion. She was informed, also, that she would have few possibilities of life. But, despite the gravity of the case, it opposed to carry through it the procedure because its religion hinders. It arrived to sign a responsibility term. By means of the church, the young discovered that in the Celso Ramos Hospital , in Florianopolis, a hematologist doctor of the same religion existed that made alternative treatment. Medicines to stimulate the production of the blood had been used, but the girl did not resist.
    Son of separate parents, the girl liveed with the father since the 12 years. She has six years, adhered to the religion of the father, Witness of Jehovah, as well as the brother oldest, today with 24 years.
    The internment of the young woman in the Celso Ramos Hosp occurred day November 21 in an area where other patients of the same religion also were being taken care of for the doctor. During 21 days, it received the treatment alternative. In the last days, already it breathed with aid of devices and it died in result of complications of the illness.
    according to Regional chairman of the Medicine Counsil of Santa Catarina (Cremesc), Wilmar Athayde Gerent then that the agency was informed on the case, consulted the direction technique of the Celso Ramos Hospital. Gerent remembered that the hospital informed that the father of the young woman and the lawyer of the church had soldier on barrack duty the blood transfusion, endorsed for the power of attorney signed for the proper young.
    The order of the advice was for the descredenciamento of the doctor who dealt with the girl, what she did not occur. "the doctor has to make of everything to save the patient and this if he deals with ethics. It implies, also, in not leaving itself to influence for beliefs or religions ", salient. The Cremesc, now, goes to open investigation to select the case.

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    Absence of procedure aggravated picture


    The direction of the Celso Ramos Hospital, in Florianopolis, where the young was interned, considers the not-accomplishment of the blood transfusion as factor aggravation for its death. The director technician of the institution, Ranulfo Goldschmidt, said that the procedure would be important ahead of the picture of extreme anemia, but that the doctors had decided to respect the autonomy of the patient, who, in hypothesis some, it wanted to receive blood.
    Goldschmidt and the clinical director, Evandro Tostes Martins, had talked with the young in the monday on the transfusion. "It was discerning, conscientious, guided and said that, in hypothesis some, would accept the transfusion", the doctor told. "This is a question that represents a great ethical quandary and is object of quarrel in world-wide medical literature", it emphasized. Besides having demonstrated the position, the patient left for writing its will.
    The doctor informed to have been the first case of death of a JW who did not accept the transfusion since 1999, period where he acts in the place. The girl, who if dealt with leukemia, had finished the medication phase and the treatment of chemotherapy. Goldschmidt observed that the trend age of recovery and that the death at this moment caused surprise for the doctors. (Diogo Vargas)


    Decision divides the patient family

    The death of the young of 19 years caused quarrel between the family and the medical classroom. Of a side, they are the father, the brother, the boyfriend and friends who frequent the church Witness of Jehovah. Of another one, the mother (separate she has 19 years), the maternal stepfather and uncles, who are catholics and they are not satisfied themselves with the refusal of the young woman and other familiar ones that they had not supported the transfusion.
    The brother oldest of the girl affirms that the witnesses of Jehovah do not refuse themselves to make medical treatment. "we do not only accept blood transfusion. E so that this does not occur we appeal to other methods of the medicine, that is very advanced, to save lives ", adds.
    For the followers, the blood transfusion is a so serious sin how much the fornication and the idolatria. It would be a form "to contaminate the soul". In the opinion of the brother of the young woman, the gravity of the illness was what it took the sister to the death and does not lack it of the procedure. The young was embedded in the end of the afternoon of yesterday, in Jaraguá of the South.
    The Brazilian Association of Linfoma and Leukemia (Abrale) also was contacted by the familiar ones that they said to have restricted visit to the patient. As well as the excessively following ones, the young woman also had a power of attorney signed for it, the father and another integrant one of the church that consisted the impediment of procedures with the blood use. (AA)


    Program takes care of witnesses of Jehovah in hospital

    The hematologist Zelita da Silva Souza took care of of the treatment of the patient. She also is JW and acts in a program of the Celso Ramos Hospital, that take care of for the SUS [Brazilian health care], specific for patients of this religion. according to managing technician of the institution, Ranulfo Goldschmidt, the religious linking of the doctor does not represent no interference in the installment of the service and the procedures. Zelita takes care of to the mondays in the hospital. It was looked by telephone yesterday in its clinic, but she was not found. The news article asked for so that it returned the linking, what she did not occur until the closing of this edition.
    according to elder Pedro dos Santos - equivalent the shepherd for the JWs - for belief questions, the followers of the religion search in the medicine all the possible alternatives for treatments that substitute the blood transfusion. "We have the right not to opt to something that we do not agree and that we judge to be against what we follow, Bible."(AA and DV)

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    Faith x medicine

    Civil police goes to investigate death

    Inquiry on girl that refused to submit it blood transfusion must be concluded in 30 days

    Diogo Vargas

    The Civil Police of Florianopolis goes to investigate the circumstances of the death of the young of 19 years-old, follower of the religion JW, who refused to submit it blood transfusion. It died in result of a leukemia in the monday to the night in the Celso Ramos Hospital, in Florianopolis.
    Commission agent Marlus Malinverni, coordinator of the Central office of Police of the Capital, said yesterday that already they are being taken steps to select the fact, that raised controversy on the ethical position of the doctors who had respected the autonomy of the patient.
    The police inquest will have to be concluded in 30 days. The Public Prosecution Service of Santa Catarina informed, by means of the press assessorship, that goes to wait the work of the Civil Police to disclose itself on the oferecimento of denunciation or not to Justice.
    Parallel to the verification of the policy, the Counsil of the Medicine Profession of Santa Catarina (Cremesc) opened an investigation, as he informed in the tuesday the medical president of the entity Wilmar Athayde Gerent. In the Celso Ramos Hospital, a commission of ethics formed for five doctors will analyze the procedure adopted with the young.
    The director technician of the institution, Ranulfo Goldschmidt, denied that the patient has received alternative medication in the hospital for being JW. "It received used medicines in the chemotherapy that are used estimulators of the marrow and in other patients", emphasized the doctor, mentioning itself it the use of the eritropoitina and granuloquine. It reiterated the option of the medical team of the hospital in respecting the autonomy of the patient, who did not accept in hypothesis some the blood transfusion, but recognized that the accomplishment of the procedure was not aggravation for the death of the young.
    AN again looked yesterday to the doctor Zelita da Silva Souza, who took care of of the patient, but it was not found. The hematologist also is JW. But the direction certified that the religious linking of it does not intervene with the installment of the service.

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    Bastards. Another needless death on the WT altar.

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