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    Everybody can look at the 237 citation of YHWH in the New World Traslation appendix, as in the Kingdom Interlinear 1985 version. The translator comitee decided to use YHWH for theological reasons where the original text containsx KYROS. I know that in the Kingdom Interlinear , 1969 version (I never seen it, aniway) the citation of YHWH were a lot more. Exactly should be 307 citation. So , why the numbers of citation has decreased in 1985 version ? Anyone has a list of the mismatching (237 vs 307) ? thanks for help

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    moggy lover

    I am sorry, but I am a little dense this morning, but I am having difficulty understanding your question.

    Having consulted the two editions of the KIT I can't see any difference in the number of citations. Both editions use the Tetragrammaton 237 times in the main body of the text, with an additional 72 times as a footnote, making a total of 309 occasions where it is used.

    The only difference is the number of authorities [the J sources] that have been consulted. The ' 69 edition consulted 21 of these sources, while the ' 85 edition used 27. It would of course make no difference if the WTS quoted an additional 100 other sources, unless it was proved that the original writings did so.

    It seems hollow to think that after 34 years of intensive searching for additional documents, the WTS could only find an additional 6. Of these: two were released after the original edition of the NW Translation in 1950. [J 22 in 1979, 23 in 1975] another one, J25, is in fact a 20th cent publication, and is not even a translation. One, J24, was published in 1863, one in the 18th cent J27 [1796] and the sixth, the oldest was released in the 16th cent. [J26 in 1533]

    There are other anomalies in citing these sources:

    1 In the ' 85 edition of KIT, the WTS does not reveal that J 2 and J 3 are essentially the same work, only that J 2 was revised into J 3

    2 In the original edition the source known as J 10 "Gospels in Hebrew" published in 1800 in London, has been changed to read: "The New Testament ...... in Hebrew and English" published 1789-1805.

    3 In the original edition, J 19 is described as : "John in Hebrew" Published by the "Jews Society of Haifa, Palestine, in 1930, arranged by T C Horton". The revised edition of KIT, however, tells us that this is in fact "John, Heb, by Moshe I Ben Maeir of Denver Colorado, and published in 1957 For some unfathomable reason, the original ' 69 edition listed "John" in italic print. It is replaced by normal print in the ' 85 edition.

    For a fuller treatment of this subject, you can consult the book "Witnessing the Name" written by WTS researcher, Doug Mason. It is available from

    There is also currently a thread running on JWD making the original 69 edition of KIT available to researchers.


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    Doug Mason's study "Witnessing the Name" is actually online at:

    Starting on pp. 61 onwards are several appendices which discuss the various editions of the NWT and the changing support the WT Society has given from the "J-versions."

    Info on how to download a pdf of the 1969 edition of the KIT can be found on this thread:

    You also might be interested in this info on how the WT's Interlinear actually hides the Divine Name in some of those Hebrew versions:

    Hope this helps!

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