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  • *jeremiah*

    This was a reply post, but I thought it should be its own topic.

    Here are some very pro UN or pro World Order articles that can be found on the front page of the JW website. On the right side under More Topics you will find this series of articles entitled, 'The Problems of Children-The Solution at Last'. What's interesting is how vague "The Solution at Last!" is. They praise the UN and other world body efforts in helping children through most of the meat of the articles. Then after many pages of this we finally get to The Solution. Woooo-Hoooo.

    Here's the excerpt:

    A Divine Government to Provide the Complete Solution

    The writer John Ruskin, mentioned in the preceding article, strongly believed that "the first duty of a State is to see that every child born therein shall be well housed, clothed, fed, and educated, till it attain years of discretion." Ruskin admitted, however, that "in order to [effect] this the Government must have an authority over the people of which we now do not so much as dream."

    Only a government with divine backing could have the benign authority about which Ruskin spoke. And just such a government has been promised—the one that Jesus mentioned at Matthew 6:9, 10 . Once this government of God's making has taken total control of earth's affairs, it will exercise its authority over all peoples—housing, clothing, feeding, and educating all its subjects, including children. ( Isaiah 65:17-25 ) But this perfect government will do even more.

    Under God's Kingdom humans will be enabled to rear children in a balanced way. ( Job 33:24-26 ) Young folks will be raised in the spirit of peace and universal brotherhood, the ideal set forth in the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child. ( Psalm 46:8, 9 ) Never again will there be the need for an International Year of the Child or for a Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    Restoring perfect health to parents and to disabled children will be a simple task for Christ Jesus, the King of this heavenly government. The miracles of healing that he performed while he was on the earth are a guarantee. ( Luke 6:17-19 ; John 5:3-9 ; 9:1-7 ) Even resurrecting dead children and dead parents will not be beyond his power to accomplish!— Matthew 9:18-25 .

    What a joy to know that the time for God to act in behalf of earth's children is near!

    -Notice the quote from the Ruskin, " "in order to [effect] this the Government must have an authority over the people of which we now do not so much as dream.

    The UN Declaration
    of the Rights of the Child:
    • The right to a name and nationality.
    • The right to affection, love, and understanding and to material security.
    • The right to adequate nutrition, housing, and medical services.
    • The right to special care if disabled, be it physically, mentally, or socially.
    • The right to be among the first to receive protection and relief in all circumstances.
    • The right to be protected against all forms of neglect, cruelty, and exploitation.
    • The right to full opportunity for play and recreation and equal opportunity to free and compulsory education, to enable the child to develop his individual abilities and to become a useful member of society.
    • The right to develop his full potential in conditions of freedom and dignity.
    • The right to be brought up in a spirit of understanding, tolerance, friendship among peoples, peace, and universal brotherhood.
    • The right to enjoy these rights regardless of race, color, sex, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, and property, birth, or other status.

    Ok. So this UN Declaration was the last thing in the article.

    Notice the words 'universal brotherhood'.

    Let's see what Wikipedia has to say about these words:

    Universal Brotherhood

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    The Universal Brotherhood is a term used in theosophical writings. It refers to the theosophical conception that all human beings are members of a spiritual unity.

    [edit] Quotations

    "The Chiefs want a 'Brotherhood of Humanity,' a real Universal Fraternity started; an institution which would make itself known throughout the world and arrest the attention of the highest minds" (Mahatma Letters 24)

    [edit] References

    • Blavatsky, HP: The Key to Theosophy
    • Mahatma Letters

    [edit] External links

    *Also, type in Theosophy into wikipedia. Check out their emblem. The following is an excerpt from Theosophy on wikipedia:


    Founders of the T. S.

    Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
    William Quan Judge
    Henry Steel Olcott




    Theosophical mysticism


    Theosophical Society
    TS Adyar · TS Pasadena · ULT

    Theosophical texts

    Isis Unveiled
    The Key to Theosophy
    Mahatma Letters
    The Secret Doctrine
    The Voice of the Silence

    Other topics

    Agni Yoga · Anthroposophy ·

    Man is "provisionally" immortal

    Theosophists believe that all human beings in their "higher selves" are immortal, but their lower personalities are unconscious of the link with their eternal spiritual nature and will perish.

    Is the WT ultimately grandfathering its members over to accept the Anti-Christ and the New World Order?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings Jeremiah,

    We all know where the rantings of JFR and FF have been relegated in the annals of crack-pot religious dogma, but the clear-cut distinction between our beloved/hated Scarlet-Colored Wild Beast and these insipid panderings is so revoltingly evident. If I were still a manic, second-death-breathing JW, I would be so ashamed of my leaders. Where's a glassy-eyed prophet when you need him? Are the likes of JWD et al the true voice that warns WT adherents, 'Get out of her My People, lest you share in her sins!' ? I feel that the WT is bloodguilty as well as guilty of idolatry. Is that alone sufficient reason for me to refuse any participation whatsoever in KH-related activity? The days ahead will tell us more....

    Mildly enraged,


  • *jeremiah*
    The days ahead will tell us more....

    Yes they will Co-Co. That's why it's always exciting to watch the WT.

    Another thing I think is very interesting about the WT's "Solution" in this article and in most of their articles is that there never seems to be a plan to attain that solution explained in the article. Where's the how? Apparently you only get to know the how after you accept the "free" home bible study and the JW's slowly introduce you to how one can attain this.

    For example, most Christian denominations are not shy or even secretive when proclaiming their belief in how one attains salvation. Catholics will tell you, for the most part, you must believe in Christ, then,...their traditions, sacraments, going to church, the papal authority, etc. etc. Most protestant Christians will tell you, for the most part, without hesitation, that you must believe in Christ through faith alone to attain heaven or paradise.

    Many times, JW literature always mentions and dwells on certain world problems and then skips our part, our role, our plan of salvation, to reach this paradise, and then they just explain the paradise.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hello again, Jeremiah:

    "...there never seems to be a plan to attain that solution...."

    I understand the points made in your evaluation. There is no clear-cut direction but only a string of loosely-linked scripture texts meant to foster hope in an elusive and illusive future paradise. Taking the pejorative aspect out of "conspiracy theory" and determining if there are any "conspiracy facts" [thanx, abbagail], this 'Solution' article of itself says that the WT is being directed by outside influence. Is that influence mere pressure to bend to public opinion, namely that of government agencies? If that, and that alone, the WT stands condemned. The weak, unconvincing allusion to Scripture is to make the package appear God-oriented. The SS SOCIETY, tossing upon a roiling sea, is foundering.

    Thanx for sharing your discoveries, Jeremiah.


  • Anitar

    Hi Jeremiah,

    First of all, excellent topic. Even before I learned everything I know now about the Watchtower, I was always very disturbed about the witnesses. When they came to my door, they spoke alot of words, made alot of "promises," and sounded very sincere, but they were never really saying anything. As a person with an extensive educational background, I believe very strongly in facts. You can't make a statement and try to pass it off as truth without any facts to back it up, and the Watchtower has none. It's all a vague condemnation of everyone else, an unspecified and unrealistic notion of paradise, and an arrogant holier-than-thou attitude. I saw all of this when I was only six years old. I'm not trying to say I was anything special, I was just a normal kid. I just mean that even a six year old can see how fake this is.

    Anyway, do you remember what magazine or book this is from? I could use this to show to my mom as proof of the Watchtower's involvement with the UN. Thank you!


  • *jeremiah*

    Hey Anitar,

    Yes, it appeared in the Awake Dec. 8, 2000. However it's on right now. When you pull up their home page look to the right side and scroll down a little bit. Its under "More Topics".

    It's entitled, 'The Problems of Children-The Solution at Last'.

    Besides what we have all been speaking of above, I find this article title really strange,..almost like a play on words. It almost reads to me, 'Children are Problems-The Solution at Last'.

  • moshe

    I don't know , if the writing department is smart enough to write any cohesive aricles anymore. I saw for myself that thay often reworked old material after a 10 or 15 year lapse. The only agenda they really have is to try and stop the exodus of JW's from the Kingdom halls.

  • read good books
    read good books

    A United Nations declaration is quoted as an example for child protection. I can't believe it. Suddenly the Society is quoting the 'Wild Beast'. What are they trying to suck up to the U.N. to get their old spot back they gave up after it was exposed that they were sitting in the U. N. Yeah this sounds like New World Order b.s. to me.

  • carla

    Wasn't it part of being a NGO that you had to produce x amount of articles if you were a NGO about the UN and what they do? I thought there was something that you had to help promote.......

  • Shaolu

    Don't forget that the WBTS of Pennsylvania (as opposed to the NY one) is currently an NGO as of at least 2005 according to the OSCE Conference on Anti-Semitism and Other Forms of Intolerance. If that NGO status is with the UN (I don't know if the OSCE has an NGO program as well or not), then they still have the same DPI requirements to conduct "information programmes". I don't understand why the PA corporation's NGO status hasn't been addressed more...

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