"The women are a large army..."

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  • Fleshybirdfodder

    Everyone with half a brain knows the sisters ran the congregations. C'mon no ladies... fess up! Did you ever get super frustrated at having to wait as an incompetent kid screwed up the service arrangement? Did you correct it after? What nasty little back room deals did you initiate?... be honest. Let us "Heads of the Household" know! I know that it was our P.O.'s wife that actually ran the show... Please let us in on your secrets!


  • luvbug2007

    my mother and her kids were given no resepect at the hall cause she was a single parent. In out hall the elders family and kids ran the place

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    Really sorry to hear that Luvbug. I have also experienced that kind of ruthlessness from the "elite" in the cong. I just ran this as a post to ask the women how they dealt with that archaic notion that "the head of every woman is a man", within the congregation. Perhaps I worded it wrong.


  • bigmouth

    'The large women are an army,
    Each a mighty thong....'

    What a wonderful song that was!


    Women are 2nd class citizens in the WTB$.So many intellegent women are ignored..Not so in the outside world.This board is a good example of that.We respect the intellegent women here...OUTLAW

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    True there are many elderettes in the congregations. But unless you had a husband with a position, you risked getting severely reprimanded and told to be in submission. Some of the elder's wives did help run things, though.

    I can't believe I even went along with their disrespect for women. It was really a put down to be in the congregation for many years and then have some twelve or fourteen year old kid conduct the service meeting for field service when he had no idea what he was doing. They would even suffer through some horrible reader because he was a baptised male, rather than let a sister read at a book study. Where in the Bible does it say a woman cannot read in public?

    I avoided the enrire 30 years I was in ever wearing a head covering. I always thought this was ridiculous and a throw back to an ancient custom in Bible times that no longer applied in today's society. They won't let men have beards like they had in Bible times because they say it is no longer the custom. Then they say women must cover their heads in worship when this is no longer a custom in our society either. In fact, I think a beard is much more acceptable for men than a head covering for women is today.

  • rassillon

    An army of large women....couldn't resist.

    I agree that women do and did not get the respect they deserved.

    My mom who is still a witness is a better bible student than any elder or CO for that matter, that I ever met.

    Although she is slowing down now that she is getting older now.

    I was at the bookstudy on monday and was thinking as a sister was reading (the brother got there late)..."she does such a better job than the brother that normally reads, she should do it all the time" very sweet and smart and HOT HOT HOT. ---Was that disrespectful?

    Anyway, she and my wife both read better than most brothers. Plus there is just something about a womans voice (normally) that is comforting.

    Looking back I now come to think that several of the elders and MS were partially retarded.

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