"I Lasted 30 Years Until I Could Stand No More."

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  • scout575

    "I was born a "Wee Catholic", and as a baby baptized into it against my will. I showed my displeasure by biting the Priest's thumb regardless of the fact that, as I had no teeth, I could not draw blood. At the tender age of six I was bundled off to the Nuns for brainwashing. That was achieved with the aid of the cane. Two years later I was sent to a Roman Catholic College run by the dreaded Jesuit Fathers. They come third to the Christian Brothers and the Marist Brothers as sadists. Sunday mass, of course, was the "cross" I had to endure. I lasted 30 years until I could stand no more." ( A quotation from: Ex-Christian.net / Testimonies of Former Christians / Refugee from the Roman Catholic Church / Poster's username: Eccles )

  • BizzyBee

    ......and your point?

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