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    I'm sorry that I do not get the time to visit this site very often, but when I do I find it a bit exciting to see what has happened since my last visit. This post is really about two subjects, but I think that they connect so I will only do one introduction.

    Child Abuse:

    It's almost March and I have not heard whether Candace Conti or the Watchtower won her case before the California State Appeal Supreme Court. Does anyone know how that was resolved or is the decision still pending.

    One of my favorite web sites has always been the Barbara Anderson Documents website. I see that it has been updated and looks very different. Does anyone know what she plans to do with that website. I notice that she never mentions William Bown and SilentLambs any more on her website. Is SilentLambs still active? I heard that Bown might have lost his tax free status. I think they did a lot of good work in the past, but now there is AAWA and Candace Conti and others but I do not hear too much about Willam Bown any more Can someone update that and whether Barbara Anderson is still part of that? Was Bown or Barbara involved with the Conti case at the supreme court?

    I saw the youtube video of the PBS newscast about the Watchtower and the Conti case. Has the Watchtower commented in any of the newspapers or on TV about that report (very good I must admit - hooray!!)

    Kingdom Halls:

    What is happening with the Kingdom Halls in the United States? Are they tearing down Kingdom Halls to build the new (ugly) version? Does the Watchtower plan to sell off the old ones with no windows to pay for the child abuse law suits? And what happened with the child abuse case in California when GB member Loesch refused to appear as demanded? Did the Watchtower lose that case as well.

    In Europe the Kingdom Halls do not seem to have any wide screen televisions yet. Is the Watchtower conducting all meetings using the widescreen televisions in the United States? Canada? Can you get them on regular TV channels or do you have to have a private line? Does this include public talks and Watchtower studies or just special events? Can people in the United States get Watchtower TV in their homes (crippled, elderly, etc.)?

    Is everything that is happening in the United States also happening in Canada at the same time?

    I am sorry that I am so out of touch, but I am only able to connect to this website about once every few days. I love what several of the posters write here and my favorites are Terry and Outlaw and Juan Viejo. They always seems to be so clear headed in their comments and approach to the subjects.


  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Regarding the Conti case:

    According to Chaserious's thread, the decision should be made within 90 days (from 14.1.15)

    "The panel will issue a written opinion deciding the appeal within 90 days."

    Case updates are here and you can get email updates to keep you up to date:

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Watchtower ordered to pay $13.5 million in sex abuse case as Gerrit Lösch fails to testify

    "In a remarkable twist to this case (not picked up by the media thus far), it has emerged that Judge Lewis issued a “default judgment” against Watchtower after it refused to cooperate with court orders to present key documents and produce the longest serving member of the Governing Body, Gerrit Lösch, for a deposition."

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  • Gayle

    Seems like Irwin Zalkin discovered an 'Achilles's heel' by calling a GB to Court. Such cowards. Here the GB require the JW children to not salute the flag every day at school, which is very difficult for the kids and the GB, have required thousands of young JW men to refuse drafting in military to point of having to go to prison. Yet, when called to Court, they refuse to show up. Cowards! They make their own suffer for their supposed 'truth' but they themselves hide in their 'ivory tower' compound.

  • brandnew
    Its all bad, ..... do as i say.....not as i do.

    I guess the GB's alleged defense is Australia is not helping. During the Steve Unthank debacle, the WTBTS lawyers were reported to have claimed that the "Faithful Slave" doesn't exist, except as a theological construct.

    In other words, good luck trying to subpoena the FDS, because that singular/collective entity does not exist, except on Wednesday board meetings.

    I guess Zalkin figured that he would just go for it, and go after the GB as individuals. Good for him. They are cowards. They spout BS about our children being targeted by Satan, yet they are complete chicken-shits.

    They have no problems signing bibles for political leaders, but they can't defend their spirit-directed actions in court.


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    Well, Terry is now registered as TerryWalstrom.

    So, I'm schizo!

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