Great news Re:violent abusive jw family

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  • ania

    I'm ecstatic have received great news regarding my father: 1) it seems the information that he had been approved as a caregiver for Barnardos was actualy incorrect he has never worked for them (sorry for that mis-information)

    however he had been working for CYPF (newzealand Children, Young Persons and Their Families Service) and did have one boy in his care for more than a year.

    2) My post regarding the abuse he inflicted on myself and family here: ( has been noted by the authorities and they now have a copy of this in thier records (under his name)

    3) The young boy in his care ( who was questioned and responded confirming the abuse inflicted on himself also) has been removed from his custody.

    4) He will never be considered or assessed for a government supported child/youth service again.


    well for some anyway

    those of you who are working as activists against child abuse and for children KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING because it does pay off

  • misspeaches

    Ania hats off to you! What a strong person you are despite all odds. You have potentially saved many from being victims. What an amazing thing.

    May every good thing come back to you for the work you have done!

  • JWdaughter

    You may have saved a child. That kid now knows that someone cares what happens to him. You are my hero of the day-maybe week. Awesome-good work!

  • BabaYaga


    Hats off and hugs to you, Ania... because of your strength, others will not suffer.


  • bebu

    What a relief to hear! Thank you for doing the right thing and never giving up!


  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Wonderful news ania!

    One small act of courage can have such a huge positive effect on someone else's life.


  • ania

    Thanks all but all i did was post my story in the hopes that some1 could give me some ideas as to where to turn next (it seemed like dead ends wherever i turned) it was actually some of you who read my posts that made sure my post was read by the right people THANK-YOU

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