World's oldest woman .... :-)

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    Maybe WTBS should reconsider bringing "the generation" doctrine back on the agenda lol

    A Dagestani granny may claim the title of the world’s oldest woman, currently held by the 116-year-old Elizabeth Bolden of the U.S. born August 15, 1890.
    Sarkhat Rashidova, resident of the mountainous south Russian province of Dagestan, was born in 1875, according to her ID papers, the Novye Izvestia daily reported Friday.
    Three years ago Rashidova received a new passport issued in her name by the police authority in Derbent, Dagestan, Mararam Nurmagomedov, head of public safety police in Derbent, told the paper.
    “In 2003 we were issuing new documents that were to replace old papers. My subordinates showed that passport to me, to make sure there was no mistake. At first I could not believe my eyes. I knew that she was old. I had known her for about 40 years and she did not change a bit. But I had no idea about how old she was!”
    Once the mountainous village of Verkhny Zidian where the woman still lives had a population of over 1,000. These days, only a few households still live there. One of them is “granny Sarkhat” as her neighbours call her lovingly. Sarkhat is a widow, her second husband died as early as in the 1950s. Her neighbors and husband’s grandchildren her help around the house. But she has never had children of her own.
    Sarkhat is 131 years old. She says she does not know the secret of her longevity. She says she has never been ill in her life, never took any medicines. “Some of my kin were long-livers, my grandfather lived to be 100 year old. My husband, too, lived a long life,” Sarkhat told Novye Izvestia. When asked who ruled the country when she was born she only smiled and lifted a finger to her temple, giving to understand that she hardly remembers a thing.


    I knew Rutherford was not completely wrong


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