Anyone here watching the series "Jericho?"

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  • free2beme

    It's a new series on CBS. The plot in summary, is about a town that is basically far away from anything. In the distance one day they see a nuclear bomb explode, that took out Denver. There power is knocked out, the phones do not work and they can not reach anyone. The series was something I hardly noticed in previews and had to have someone I work with mention it, and then I watched it on the Internet. I think it will be on my "must watch" list this year. Wondering if there are any other fans, and curious as to what you thought.

  • candidlynuts

    i'm watching it.. it is also available free comcast on demand the day after it airs on cbs.

    whats with the black guy? ( i suck at remembering names) he seems to know so much more than the others.. but he says he was just a simple cop from st louis.

    tonights show ended with him putting thumbtacks over the cities that were bombed.

  • free2beme

    It starts in 1 Hour here. I was wondering about that black guy too. He did seem to know how to handle things, and almost had a "let me take charge" attitude. Interesting!

  • snarf

    I love it, but my fiance has his dinner break half way through it and calls from work so I always end up missing the last half. I was wondering about the thumb tacks though, maybe the morse code he picked up listed all the cities that were bombed? It will be interseting to see when all the chaos starts cause ya know someeone has to cause trauma

  • blondie

    I watch too. Based on the wife's reaction to him I would say that he is CIA or something similar. Why would he suddenly move to such a remote area unless he knew something was coming and where the more safe areas would be...far from detonation sites. He definitely got the detonation sites from the radio (morse code) signal and was putting pins in all the sites. Doing that would enable to him to track the areas where radiation would least likely drift.

    I find it hard to believe that duct tape and plastic would protect you from much.

    There are 2 movies that might be interesting if you are interested in this show.



    The Day After (recently on TV)

    The reviews on this don't give it much of a chance...but I like it and am going to watch it as long as it hangs on.

    BTW, I thought the people were pretty stupid and uneducated re nuclear bombs...but then I grew up in the cold war in a military family living at ground zero.


    The US Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Survival Manual

    Life After Doomsday

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    "Testament" is such a depressing movie. Whew! I'll never forget watching that and thinking, well that's about all you can say about that subject. "The Day After" was another ray of sunshine. At least with Jericho they will let the action and characters live long enough to make it a story of survival and not simply a slow death. It's done entertainingly enough. Some of us remember the constant hawking of the nuclear demise of the world by the superpowers. Now its all about the terrorists taking a bookbag sized nuke to the U.S.

    Wait, did I say bookbag?

    Run, everybody scatter!


    P.S. Heroes is great fun if you haven't been watching that one. The pilot is on the net at (or whatever network it is) and there is a comic, graphic novel, that you can look at that fills in the gaps of the show that you don't get to see on the program. I like it better than Jericho actually. Both are entertaining.

  • free2beme

    The black character said he used to work for the police department, I was thinking maybe FBI. I figure his background will come out that he knew this could happen and nothing was being done, so he went to a town that he knew would be safe, to save his family. He did seem to be well educated in what to do and how to do it. I know he got the names from the Radio, and appears that it was a large attack. I was thinking the same thing, duct tape would not help! That is like teaching the tuck method of the 1950's. I think the shows major downfall, is that it takes awhile to figure out what it is about in the previews. If someone had not explained it to me, I would never have watched it. I think that it might do like Surface though, and be a one season and then canceled. Mainly, as how long can something like this story line really go. Soon, fall out would start making people sick and there would be a nuclear winter and the food would run out. Soon the people would start dying of cancer, and so on. Anyone who is a child of the cold war years, knows this. Another good movie, if your into post nuclear war movies, it the movie "By Dawns Early Light" ... anytime you see a nuclear war movie, it is always creepy. As it is highly possible, more so then any other thing. Tonight's was okay, next weeks looks better.

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