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  • DavidChristopher

    if a person wrote a book with all kinds of hard to understand words in it...even some seemingly simple ones too.

    lets say "sea" you know what the "sea" is to the author? Is it an ocean..lake...or big river..or a creek?

    how would you ever know for sure..if the Author was dead or unreachable?

    or would you find someone to follow around to tell you what they "think" or "believe" it is?

    would you give up everything and do everything that person told you to?

    I could be wrong...but those simple words were all put together by a computer..and footnotes will lead you to everytime that word was used in the NWT.

    Do a little digging..and you may come across another time the word was used...that may explain it as something other than what you and everyone else "believed" to be true.


    Once you discover what the "sea" represents...go back and read parables that involve the "sea" will get a fresh NEW view and it will make alot more sense...hell you may even understand it!!

    But know this...nobody will believe you...people will say you are crazy..your women will try to have you put away...You will spend almost every moment trying to figure out a way to effective communicate this to everyone you their eyes can be opened as well..and together you can learn the would take a lifetime.

    You will want to give up trying...just saying fuck it...nobody will listen...and try to move on and advance your life...but the desire will never leave you. nagging at you because you cannot figure a way to explain it right.

    But every once in awhile you will hear someone post a thread about the "sea" and start talking about global warming...polar caps..and the rising warming oceans...and it will drive you fucking nuts! Because YOU know damn well it has nothing to do with water. You will then give it another shot..wording it differently..trying to make a simple concept even simpler than it already is. You will then spend some time in front of computer typing all by yourself...when you should be layed up with a hot chick somewhere...wondering....could this be it?

    want to see into the future? That is the future if you understand what I have just said..and you see what I have. not take MY word for it...try to research the word "sea" for yourself..look up everytime the word the word was used throughout the bible....I

    Lets try this.....

    everyone do this one little word for me...and report back and lets see if EVERYONE agrees and finds the same thing.


    can we at least try we can either continue to the next level...or i can go about making my life of installing engines in cars the most i can..without this bugging the living shit out me all the time?

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hi David...

    Rev. 21:1 says in the New Heaven and New Earth, the sea is so more..

    so sea must be symbolic? right? I can buy the sea, being restless mankind, without God.. What about you??

  • DavidChristopher

    I wouldn't dare try to say what God meant by "sea"....I would not advise you to guess either Star.

    take a NWT w footnotes find every scripture listed where the word "sea" is them and report back back what you think it is then.

    Please Star!....become a expert on "sea"...and see if everyone comes to the same conclusion.

    I need help on this.

    What if I pay you to do it?

  • DavidChristopher

    Could you reasonably expect me to define someone else's words for them? Especially if I never knew or met them? Or are you really wanting my definition of these seemingly simple words? But yes Star...they are symobloic for something else besides any kind of "water".

    I would rather you do the research and come to your own conclusion..rather then expect me and want me to do all the work and find out..then lead you around. Lead yourself...learn and share then invite others to do the same..That is what i would like to see personally.

    But what exactly is my definition of "share"?

    perhaps you need to go see an elder and ask them...they know me well to know what I meant by "share" right?

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    There are a few people you can read, to gain a quick start - keys - I'm not saying they're always right, it's as if you can tell (well, I believe I can) as you hear - check Antony of Padua

    When you understand a little of the language, look at nature - and it may be that you really start to get it, but then you may find, perhaps to your suprise, that not a lot of people will be interested.

    In modern consumerist living we find it hard to identify with language of nature, but even a suburban backyard is clear - the other day I pondered how useful dogs can be for getting rid of snakes.

  • DavidChristopher

    You know a baby or toddler would have a better knowledge of the Bible than the best of theologians IMO.

    Because a toddler hasn't had the definitions of the seemingly simple words drilled into their head yet by people who don't know the Author or speak His language.

    They have a fresh slate that demands they pick up on the language so they can effectivily communicate with their parents their needs and wants.

    And a toddler would look up a simple word like "sea" and try to master word at time...until the entire language is learned......while the know-it-allls...remain blind and ignorant and pretend to understand the language as their own.

    Thats how I see it anyway.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    I imagine what it is to sit around a fire to a child and listen on 'scary stories' - trusting they aren't scary, and grinning at the fear taken in to the fearing (you know how kids like scaring). Things such as the 'millstone around the neck and cast into the sea" story

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