scanning picture test

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  • coffee_black
  • AudeSapere

    That one's been posted before x [The dreaded little red 'x']



  • coffee_black

    Ok...that didn't work... bought a scanner... I have a ton of pictures of bethel personnel from the 30s, 40s & 50s. My uncle was there for decades and was an announcer on WBBR. I'll try to post some when I figure out how to do this... right now I've got to go to work...

    Coffee of the technically challenged class

  • AudeSapere

    Oh, that could be interesting. The old pics in general are fun to look at.

    Have a good day at work. I'm off to catch my flight back to California.


  • ellderwho

    You might want to try photo to host pics from a scanner.

  • TD

    coffee black,

    The picture is currently on your C drive, (C:/DocumentsandSettings/dshard/MyDocuments/MyScans/2006-09(Sep)/scan0001.jpg)

    which is not visible from our "side" of the internet. (And a good thing for you too, because then everyone would have access to the drive)

    The picture needs to be on a web server of some sort. Free hosting services like photobucket are a good choice if you don't have direct access to server space.

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