Ever fail as an Apostate?

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  • Dune

    Last saturday i was talking to a witness relative and the subject about book studies came up.
    All of the sudden, she started talking about how she was kind of bothered by the fact that we werent studying from the bible as opposed to a book during the book study. She went onto say that people in other religions new more about the bible than witnesses, but witnesses just had head knowledge of what the society was writing in the books.
    I was stunned. I was thinking "this is my chance, all i need to do is water this seed of doubt". So without any forethought, i just jumped into the conversation.
    At the end of the conversation, she was leaving saying "thanks dune, you really helped cleared that up".
    So in an effort to not sound like an apostate, i watered down my argument and probably strengthened her trust in the WTBS.
    This happen to anyone else?

  • Grog

    I have to say that this is a kind of situiation were not getting baptized lets me get away with more. When I'm talking to my family about this kind of stuff I can be a little bit more forward with my ideas without having to water it down. If you aren't baptized witnesses will always have a hope of converting you and you can sometimes use that as an opening to have conversations on some taboo stuff. I know that if I say got baptized years ago and left the witnesses later that I wouldn't have the same freedoms.

  • sf

    I would not describe your one experience here as a failure. I'd call it success. Progress. These little moments become strengthening and is able to build up more courage along the way.

    Way to go! Next time you will progress more. {{{ warm encouragement }}}

    Incidently, I had planned to do some "apostate field work" yesterday in my hometown, yet had to postpone until next weekend. Do I consider to mySELF that I have failed at my goal? Thus, a failure? Certainly not. Better planning and strategy for maximun effect? Absolutely.


  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I'm trying to do something but still stay low profile. I've been lousy though at seeding doubts and otherwise being a thorn in the Org's side. I'm so lousy that I'm actually known by most dubs in the city and the circuit as a "good brother".

    But practice makes perfect. I am happy that this one recent convert and now ex-dub came to me with all his doubts. Someone at his work got him thinking with material from "Watch The Tower" or something like that. I gladly assisted him in getting at the truth.

    That little act of subversion nearly got me into a JC. But I felt good about it before and after that scare.

  • Zico

    I know that feeling.

    Being baptised and an active Witness, I know I'm currently unable to talk to other Witnesses about the religions problems. So I've often tried a tactic of bringing the criticisms which are on Wikipedia (Easier as it's not an apostate site) to the attention of some JW friends, but then do as you did, water down the criticism, and sometimes even try to defend it, just hoping that making the issue known (Mainly 587 and UN assoc.) to them, will influence them to research it. Sadly, it never works...

    I'm not too surprised really, it's a pretty illogical method, but making known the criticisms is better than not mentioning them at all. None of them even knew there was conflict between 586/7 and 607, or that the Org had associated with the UN, so I suppose that's very little progress, but knowing that they always go away with no inclination to research the issues, or any doubt at all, is quite frustrating.

  • SPAZnik

    Is it possible she's an apostate herself? Is it possible she was testing you?

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