November KM insert about BLOOD anybody heard?

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  • yesidid

    Thats all I have heard. Can anybody confirm?

  • blondie

    I haven't heard, yesidid; but if there is one, I think the rank and file are not understanding or getting the points in the previous articles.





    The following answer is reprinted from the issue of June 15, 2000.








    How well informed are you about the options that are available in the field of bloodless medicine? Do you understand what some of the transfusion alternatives are and how they work? Watch this video, and test your knowledge with the following questions.?Note: Because the video includes brief surgical scenes, parents should use discretion in viewing the video with small children.

    (1) What is the main reason why Jehovah?s Witnesses refuse blood transfusions, and where is that principle found in the Bible? (2) When it comes to medical care, what do we desire? (3) What basic right do patients have? (4) Why is it rational and responsible to reject blood transfusions? (5) When severe blood loss occurs, what two urgent priorities do doctors have? (6) What health risks are associated with blood transfusions? (7) What are some of the tools that surgeons have available to them to minimize blood loss during surgery? (8) What should you want to be informed about regarding any transfusion alternative? (9) Can serious and complicated surgeries be performed without the use of blood transfusions? (10) What are a growing number of physicians willing to do for Jehovah?s Witnesses, and what may eventually become the standard of care for all patients?

    It will no doubt be helpful to view the NoBlood video along with any Bible students, non-Witness mates or relatives, workmates, teachers, and schoolmates who might raise questions about our stand on blood. Acceptance of any treatments presented in the video is an individual, conscientious decision.?See "Questions From Readers" in the June 15 and October 15, 2000, issues of TheWatchtower.


  • hamsterbait

    "Acceptance of any treatments presented in the video is a conscientious decision."!!!!!

    LOL - if you accept any treatment they don't want you to have you will have an announcement made about you at the Kindumb Hell, which obliges the rest of the congregation and your family to shun you and treat you as already dead in God's eyes.

    Try accepting plasma rather than its individual components and see for yourself. Same with blood.


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