Jaraczic Park T-Shirts at CafePress

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  • VM44

    Remember the Anchisaurus dinosaur that was in the green NWT Bible?

    He was a resident of Brooklyn Height's Jaraczic Park!


    Now you can Celebrate the Land that Time Forgot by wearing your very own Jaraczic Park T-Shirt made by CafePress.

    Order yours today at CaftePress!


    Jaraczic Park beverage mugs are also available, they made excellent gift items.


    Jaraczic Park mugs, steins, hats, tote bags, buttons and maganets are also available.

    They all would make great nostalgic gift items for anyone who used to pass the time during meetings by thinking about that little dinosaur inside the cover of their green NWT Bibles.

    --VM44 (Not affiliated with Jaraczic Park or CafePress)

  • free2beme

    Funny, but unless someone knew I was a former Witness and had some knowledge of the Witness headquaters. I would bet that I would be explaining to people my background a lot, and this is something I only choose to do with a small few.

  • VM44

    Good point free2beme, perhaps a version of the T-shirt could be made with only the dinosaur on it. --VM44

  • Undecided

    I used one of those green NWTs for a long time and don't even remember the picture. Of course I don't remember much of anything anymore.

    Ken P.

  • aniron

    Always thought they were a bunch of dinosaurs on the Governing Body.

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