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  • researcher

    Just Curious,

    I have been out of the loop for a bit, but what is the current policy re informing a person that they "Are No longer a JW"? Are they still required to make x attempts at contacting, then sending a registered letter etc.... or can they simply announce the name.....???

  • blondie
    Are they still required to make x attempts at contacting, then sending a registered letter etc

    Each elder body handles this differently. In this area, some elder bodies send a registered letter 3 times to an individual to set up a JC if they cannot contact them by phone or stopping by. Others just try to call or stop by. If the individual doesnt respond, then if they have "evidence" to DF them without meeting with them, they do just that and some once again try the 3 times thing, others do not and just announce the df'ing.

    There is nothing in writing and it is at the discretion of the JC/elder body.


  • Amazing

    Blondie is correct. There are no set standards in this regard. I assume that this process continues to this day. When I was an Elder we made one simple phone call in some cases, or a personal visit in other cases, with two Elders on the line or at the door, and if the person did not want to meet, we then formed a JC with a third Elder and DF'd the individual. We later called the person, two Elders again, and informed them of the decision, and the right to appeal. In one case, after a few failed attempts to contact the person, her parents insisted she be DF'd. We met with her parents in the Parking Lot just before the Service Meeting, and DF'd the young lady. We then had her parents deliver the news to her, because she had barred all contact from the Elders. Each situation calls for different actions. Sometimes, some individuals would meet with the JC several times, wanting to remain in the congregation, but the Elders on the JC were not convinced of the person's repentance, and chose to DF. The Elders then informed the person right there of the right to appeal. In my years as a JW, I only know of two persons to appeal, and both failed to overturn a JC decision.

    Jim Whitney

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