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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    It was brought to my attention earlier this morning that perhaps the Best of section of the board wasn't well-known to many of the new people here.

    I made the suggestion that every now and then we can post a reminder to those who are looking for particular info and how some of it can be found in the Best of

    A couple of years ago I started an index of sorts with some of the best threads on JWD. It is a series of links to threads so you won't find the info in the series but you will find a list of links to the threads. The Best of often include answers to many questions regarding the WTS and JWs. If for example you want to read about Rutherford there is a section listing many of the great threads posted about him.

    Sometimes the threads are not long but they are packed with info. Often the first post isn't where the best info is but rather further into the thread and in the responses

    While you can't post directly to the threads in the Best of you can post on any of the older threads that you open

    At this point I still have about 2 years of posts to search through. Everything before Oct 2004 has been added. I am now working on catching up so you won't find newer topics included yet.

    But I am working on it again.

    I hope you finsd it helpful.

  • JWFreak

    Great work Makes my searching a LOT easier Many Thanks

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Lady Lee,

    You rock! I'm starting on putting together a notebook of information. I need it to 1) reinforce my decision that leaving is the right decision before I actually do it (I'm a pretty cautious person by nature and this will be a huge change) and 2) to be able to speak intelligently about the issues and present them articulately to my wife and others that "demand a defense"

    By the way, I'm really grateful to you for your hard work in organizing this information. Please know that your work is not in vain.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Glad to hear it will be helpful to you.

    Sometimes titles are decieving. I have occasionally added more info in the title so you will know what the topic really is. But other times you will know because of the section it is in such as The Best of... Rutherford info

    Another way to find great info: If you see one of our heavy hitter researchers you can click on their name and look at their topic or posts. The information they find is absolutely amazing and established with real documents either the originals or true copies..

    Sometimes they start the thread so you will find all their threads under their topic history. And sometimes they are busy answering questions by others so that would be found under their post history.

  • jgnat

    Yes, your Best Of section is very well done. Bravo. I have an inkling of how much work was involved in compiling those threads.

  • yesidid

    Thank you Lady Lee, I can only begin to imagine the many, many hours taken out of a busy schedule you have given to help complete strangers.

    Thank you for your kind heart and willing spirit.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    the many, many hours taken out of a busy schedule

    Ummmm maybe that was true when I first started this project but it isn't true anymore. My busy schedule now consists of planning dinner

    But the hours are true. Sometimes I'm lucky (I can say that now ) and the good info is in the first post but most of the time I need to go further into the thread and look at the responses.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    time to sent this BTTT

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