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  • JWFreak

    Well I have jumped in now. So how can I find the most interesting posts. re child abuse and the UN issue. The Search facility seems to be broken and there are 1000,s of posts. So can you please link the best ones Thank you

  • vitty

    If you click onto the "best of " catagory just under " reunions and personel experiences" one. Thats a good place to start

  • Arthur

    Well, I can't think of any links, however, I can think of some of the more senior posters on this site who have created some very good topic threads. For the topics you want, I suggest you look under the topic and post histories of the following posters:

    jwfacts, leolaia, AuldSoul, AlanF, blondie, drewsagan, Peacefulpete

    There are several others who have provided some excellent research, but I can't remember their aliases off hand.

  • yesidid

    Check down the bottom of the page and you have the child abuse and the UN issues.


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