Forbidden interests?

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  • girasole

    What interests you now that you can think about, study, explore, and delve into anything that you'd like?

    Did you embrace this freedom immediately or did it take a while?

    I left the borg in 2002 and at first I buried myself in books about philosophies and such that I'd never before been allowed or allowed myself to consider. Shortly thereafter, I became overwhelmed. There were so many different ideas, so many perspectives that it was a bit daunting and immobilizing. I went through a period of incubation - a time when I enjoyed simply "being" without the witness lifestyle and constraints. I had gone through, as most of you also have, a period of extreme stress and I needed to just de-escalate from all of that. After a while, I regained my mental energy and felt ready to continue my exploration.

    Here are a few things I've either started researching or would like to research

    1)History of Religion - ancient origins and pagan correlations
    2)Psychology of Religion
    4)Political issues - I enjoy keeping up with what's in the news and actually being able to form my own opinion without having to simply write everything off as unimportant becase "god will take care of it" in due time

    Authors I'm either reading or are currently on my list

    Daniel Dennett
    Pascal Boyer
    Richard Dawkins
    Sam Harris
    David Mills

    What's on your list?


  • BizzyBee

    First thing I did was sign up for a night class at college - Comparative World Religions. Finally, some perspective! The JW world is so incredibly tiny.

  • stillajwexelder

    Raymond Franz and Carl Jonnson are on my compulsory reading list as well as threads on this site and various publications on Randys site

  • Shazard

    I am lying hands on every information I can get about quantum mechanics information theory Lewis monads Ancient Church Fathers I am interested into the new emerging branch of physics where notation of "information" comes into reality and quantum mechanics and information theory are being merged into one big picture. Interesting claims about our reality is from information point of view, that primary substance of existence is information. In other words "Information" is key to the new era of science! Will see what comes out of it.

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