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  • sandy

    I'm looking for the Rhoda show from the 70's. It hasn't been released to DVD yet but, I'm sure someone out there has it for sale. Homemade copies, of course. Anybody know of any trusted sites to find such things. I found one online so far but I'm leery, as always, about this kind of stuff. I don't want to get ripped off.

  • gaiagirl

    Rhoda's original primetime run was years before anyone had home VCR's, even before the VHS or Beta formats existed, so any copies would have to be from reruns during the '80s, after home VCR's were introduced. The first people I knew with a VCR had purchased it in 1981, and paid approximately $1000 for a huge device which sat on top of their TV. I'm hoping that someday, the NBC version of the show "Coupling" will be released on DVD (the British original is widely available, however I also enjoyed the few episodes aired on NBC, starring Rena Sofer).

  • bubble

    I used to love Rhoda. In the UK we haven't even had reruns of that show for years. Boohoo.

  • sandy

    I found a website where I can buy 56 episodes (on DVD) of Rhoda for a total of $66 includes tax and shipping. I'm just a little hesitant b/c I don't know anyone personally, whose purchased from this guy. I really wish they'd release it to DVD.

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