From Bible Student (Russellite) to Catholic Church

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    Hi Gang:

    I interviewed a former Bible Student named Frank Hogrebe who left the Bible Students and became Catholic. I think the differences that he talks about between the Bible Students and the JWs would be interesting to many here on this board. Below are my show notes for the podcast and links that might be of interest.

    Jeff S.

    The Bible Students and the Jehovah?s Witnesses both consider Charles T. Russell to be their founder and both groups reject the doctrine of the Trinity and other doctrines of the historic Christian faith. Frank Hogrebe tells his conversion story from the Free Bible Students (Russellites) to the Catholic Church and also compares and contrasts the differences between the Free Bible Students and the Jehovah?s Witnesses. Contemporary Christian Music is "Kol Yisrael" by Jeremy Gimbel and ?Surrender? by Zach and Sarah Blickens at

    Frank?s blog on various Catholic topics can be found at

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