Furman Building E-mail

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  • Bstndance

    So my step-father sent me an e-mail that was circulating amongst the dubs with an article about the conversion of the Furman Building into condos. He sent it to me with something like, "look what they're doing to the furman building". The article said that WTS sold the building in 2004(?) for $200 million.

    So I replied: "Wow, nice condos. Who pocketed the $200million?"


  • Santisimo

    Someone is living lovely after that sale especially since the WTS has non-profit status with the IRS.

  • Virgochik

    Wow, how DO they launder all that money??

  • Arthur

    Yeah, I remember reading an article about this transaction in one of the New York city online newspapers. The building developer is going to build luxury apartments inside. The apartments that face the East River with a skyline view are expected to fetch up to $1 million a piece.

    You would think that with the profit the WTS made on this transaction; they could have been able to afford printing newly revised Revelation books instead of holding a big cut and paste party.

  • Athanasius

    Who knows what you will find if you follow the money trail. Might even be a front for an organized crime syndicate.

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