Russell and Sectarianism

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  • Klew

    Hey, Friends:

    There was a 180 degree turn in the WTS attitude toward other organizations during Rutherford's time. You will be totally amazed by some of the open-minded, God-fearing (as opposed to organization fearing) things that Russell wrote. Here are three choice quotes. (I have many more but don't know of an appropriate place to post large volume of material. Suggestions?)

    1. ?What can we think would be the language of the Apostle if he stood with us today in the flesh, and witnessed the present division into various denominations? Assuredly he would tell us that it indicated a large measure of carnality?a large measure of the spirit of the world. This does not mean that all connected with these systems are carnal and wholly without the spirit of the Lord. It would, however, signify that in proportion as we have the Spirit of the Lord, and in proportion as we are freed from the carnal mind and its leadings and influence, in those same proportions we will feel out of sympathy with the divisions which we see about us?? Studies in the Scriptures, vol. 6, 82
    2. ?Beware of ?organization.? It is wholly unnecessary The Bible rules will be the only rules you will need. Do not seek to bind others consciences, and do not permit others to bind yours. Believe and obey so far as you can understand God's Word today, and so continue growing in grace and knowledge and love day by day.? The Watchtower 9/15/1895 ?
    3. Some have consecrated themselves to a sect, and have received a sectarian spirit of love for the sect, devotion to the sect, service and sacrifice for the sect, etc.? Studies in the Scriptures, vol. 5, 194



  • greendawn

    True the WTS as we know it is the product of Rutherford who grafted his neurotic disturbed personality on it. He did away with the democratically elected local elders and imposed his own people everywhere eventually centralising all power in his hands.

    He also totally isolated emotionally the dubs from the rest of the world by demonising everything outside the WTS and pushing them on to a very aggressive preaching campaign that involved the R&F dubs into suffering a lot of physical violence from outraged crowds.

    It's the Bible Students that are the real Russelites, the JWs are Rutherfordians, a very different spirit.

  • lovelylil


    You are so right that a big change in the org. happened after Russells death. My favorite quote of his is the one you cited that says:" Beware of organizations - they are wholly unneccesary". I have this one posted above my computer. Do you know which WT stated that by any chance? I'd love to add it to my quote.

    Russell had some strange ideas but also had a little more truth than the org. does today. He believed in having a personal relationship with Jesus and not with an organization. The thing people loved about him was his gentle nature and the fact that he was not dogmatic like Rutherford. Rutherford was a prime example of an evil wolf in sheeps clothing!

    I associated for a while with a bible student group and most of them are really nice. Unfortunately though they place Russell on too high of a pedestal today as they believe him to be the "faithful servant" just like the JWs believe it to be the org. So, they agree with everything Russell wrote and his interpretations of scripture. And some, like I said are quit strange. So I don't really associate with them anymore. I didn't want to go to books of Russell to find answers to my bible Q's . Already did that with the WT. I wanted answers from the bible itself. Unfortunately I found most bible students, like the JWs could not give an answer without the books. And that is a problem for me. Anyway, thanks for those quotes, Lilly

  • Narkissos

    Welcome klew,

    Ironically, Russell's warnings about the dangers of organisation and sectarism for the Watchtowergroup are probably his only prophetic success...

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