Poster who patiently helped his wife to join in the fade...over a long time

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  • Shooting Star
    Shooting Star

    Hello all. I need your help in locating a thread from July'ish. We have a fellow poster who could really benefit from it.

    It was a thread from a brother who patiently waited to bring his wife out with him. He went to meetings and did his best to not disturb his wife. It worked! WHO WAS THAT? I have been pouring over pages for days trying to find it. I respect and adimire this unknown, patient brother. Please help me if you can. I will refer the page over to a new poster in the same spot.

    I do appreciate your help. SS

  • jgnat
  • V

    ithinkisee and his wife freedomlover ?

  • Shooting Star
    Shooting Star

    Thanks jgnat and V!

  • GentlyFeral

    drew sagan's posts are also worth looking over.


  • under_believer

    I'm guessing it was drew sagan... drew sagan is my hero (in that regard anyways).

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