Observations and questions on the Apologetics

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  • Morocco

    I was doing some thinking today about anti and pro JW websites and message boards. On the anti-JW forums, such as this one and probably many more, we have pro-JW apologetics. Also it should be fairly reasonable to say that on the pro-JW forums that there are people who are making attacks. My point is there are a lot of active witnesses and x-witnesses participating in communication forums despite the Society's warnings about the internet. I remember when the WT said that members should not have their own websites defending, posting, or saying anything at all with their copywritten material. The implication is ?leave the digital medium to us?, which could include a defense of the faith in forums. At any rate I get the distinct impression that there are more people not only attacking, but DEFENDING the JW doctrine than the Society wants. They are of course scared things will get out of control and they will have to tack one more objective on the board in the ?damage control? room. The problem, however, is that the WT can not stop its members from their own curiosity. Its only natural for people to defend their beliefs. Most witnesses I know will say ?oh well the WT is teaching caution of the internet, not avoidance, its okay to defend your faith because we have the truth?. Most witnesses aren't avidly avoiding the internet like the Black Plague indicating the WT made too subtle of a point or people have chosen to view it in a certain light. It seems to me the number of ?unauthorized? apologetics, who sometimes not only defend but defend in an aggressive way, are increasing which in turn means the number of lurkers, both anti-JW and pro-JW are increasing. This also means there are now more people than ever reading things they have been taught are wrong. They are, with the help of the internet, knowingly and unknowingly testing their faith as prescribed by the WT to see if it holds true. Not only are they testing but they are being forced to adapt and alter their beliefs in light of certain truths and play with words so the WT won't seem like what it really is. The manipulation of words and ideas is the evidence of the apologetic person's own denial. This adaptation of belief by the members is the evidence that the Witness teachings, coupled with the desire to defend, are getting too prolific and are escaping the GB's iron fist of control. Whereas in the past most would avoid engaging in conversations and hearing what outsiders had to say of the Witnesses today we have an anonymous, safe, controlled environment to actively engage in apostate conversations. I'm sure the WT will retaliate with something like this if the situation gets out of hand... ?no one is above the devil, apostate conversations even in defense of Jah will overtake you?. They will passify their members flare for the defense of their God and it will be one more thing that will eventually bite them in the arse. My question is, have the people, through the digital medium, begun to take the reigns away from the GB by defending the faith either publicly in ?chat rooms? or by defending it in their own minds and having to create new ideas for themselves?

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