Self indictment

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  • parlay

    Draw Close To God page 118 paragraph 1 quote, "We humans have a strong sense of right and wrong. When an injustice is committed, we are incensed. We want the victim to be compensated and the offender brought to justice."

    When this book was studied at the bookstudies, as usual, right away it was applied to the injustices committed by law enforcement, big business, false religion, etc.

    Yet when our "strong sense of justice", cause us to become "incensed" due to the numerous injustices committed by those claiming to represent God, we are derided as disgruntled complainers and compared to those that murmured against Moses.

    Have you seen examples of how JW's allow the WBTS to warp their sense of justice to the point where they are living in their own little world of double standards and don't or refuse to see it?

  • Satanus

    I remember, when it was drilled into us how the un and it's efforts at bringing peace were so evil and wicked. I, for on could not undertsand how any org trying to bring peace was evil. At the time, the jws' sense of right and wrong was twisted. Now, since their own affair w the peace beast has been discovered, their tune has changed a little.


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