Any elders or exelders out there who disciplined a family member in a JC?

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  • truthseeker

    How hard was it? Were you able to get out of disciplining a family member in a judicial committee?

  • stillajwexelder

    No - it waws never allowed - we got elders from another congregation if necessary

  • Dismembered

    Usually, (I use term loosely) Elders who have family members who are in need of a judicial ass-whooping, are not allowed to be on the committee.

    Another side point is, we had an "elder" here who, as the strutting peacock he was, over the years sat on many a "judicial committee ? ". Then one day, one his kids came of age, and due to the hormone factor had to be brought before a JC. Although 17 at the time and considered a minor in the eyes of the world, he (daddy "elder") insisted he sit in on the committee. He told me the reason was "he didn't trust the PO", and "wanted to make sure things were handled properly". He was fought tooth and nail on being allowed to sit in by all his fellow "elder" bros. But fianlly he won out on threatening them with "legal action" if he were not allowed to sit in. They caved. His kid got his/her wrist slapped. So much for relyin' on Jehover.

    ? "we must have the faith that the Bible does supply, we must build such faith if God's war we would survive......." ? Yeah Right!!!!


  • blondie

    Actually, when forming a JC, no close relative by blood or marriage is supposed to serve on a JC for a family member. If there are enough elders without a family tie, they are supposed to be used, officially. Otherwise, an elder from a neighboring congregation should be brought in.



    There may be rare occasions when one or more of those involved claim that a judicial committee member is partial. If this happens prior to the actual proceedings, the body of elders will consider whether there is any substance to such claim. Proverbs 24:23 says: "The showing of partiality in judgment is not good." Therefore, it is left to the local body of elders to decide whether a change in the makeup of the committee would be necessary. Elders related to an accused one or who have been in business together or who have had a special friendship would not normally serve on the judicial committee where there are other qualified brothers available. Each one should conscientiously feel that he can serve without partiality.

    Of course, the elders make their own rules too.

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