Joy Castro's The Truth Book

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  • exwitless
  • exwitless

    Sorry! I kept hitting the Enter button instead of the apostrope button! Just want to know if anyone has read Joy's book "The Truth Book". Barnes and Noble is hosting a book signing this Friday, and my husband and I are going. It'll be our first public "apostate" related activity since mailing our DA letter 2 days ago. What do you want to bet the elders will send someone incognito to spy on who attends?

  • mama1119

    I haven't heard about it..what is the jist of it????

  • hubert

    The wife and I have read it. In fact, I have it right next to me. It is shocking, shocking, shocking!!!

    It really is a must read for everyone, apostate or not, j.w. or not.

    Give Joy a hug from Hubert and wife, and a hug for her brother, too, when you see her Friday.


  • LisaRose

    I have read it and it was great. Very well written and a great story, although painfull for us who have been there. The story is that this girl's mom married a horrible man who abused her and her brother. . The brothers did nothting. She was able to escape both the situation and the JW's and live with her father after a few years of this.

  • looking_glass

    OMG! I think I know this woman's mother. If that is the case, once again JWD has shed light on things that I always heard whispers about but never was able to confirm. I will need to obtain a copy of her book and read it.

    Does anyone know from the book if her mother's name is Jan. If she is a nurse who practices in Illinois at a bloodless facility?

    Also, there was info that I looked up saying she was adopted and spent sometime in WV. I have a memory as a small child traveling w/ Jan along w/ other "friends" to WV and visiting some of Jan's family there.

    Jaysus Jaysup and Merry! I think I have passed thru this chick's life. I have always wondered what happened to her.

  • RR
  • exwitless

    Hey, any Indiana posters out there? Did you know that Joy Castro currently lives in Crawfordsville, IN? I'm looking forward to the book signing. The book sounds interesting. Almost as interesting will be seeing who shows up for it! I can almost picture JWs outside of Barnes and Noble passing out tracts to "save" people from going in!

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    It was the first thing I read when my fade became truly permanent. A non-Hoho friend pointed out a NYTimes mag article about Joy's book, her finding it was a gift, I'll tell you. . .I ordered 3 copies. They are still circulating among my friends and co-workers.

    The book is fabulous, it was also the first book my husband ever read for enjoyment (aka NOT meeting prep), and he cried because it mirrored his life so closely.

    I emailed Joy, thanked her for the assurance and enlightenment the work provided us. It is as far from bitter as one can get after an experience like hers.

  • Alana
    Does anyone know from the book if her mother's name is Jan. If she is a nurse who practices in Illinois at a bloodless facility?

    That was the first person I thought of when I heard the name Castro. My folks knew Jan and she even traveled down from Chicago, where the bloodless hospital was located, for some get togethers that their congregation had (about 60 miles south of Chicago). I'd also be interested to know if there was a connection.

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