A Frightening Picture p/29

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  • twain30

    To me the picture on page 29 of the model family in the 8/1/06 Watchtower is Frightening. It says several things:

    *The father's entire look and posture conforms to that of long time Bethelites. The son's appearance is an exact clone of the fathers-Absolutely no allotment here for individuality or variety. The mother maintains the accepted conservative look mandated for witness women and obviously walks 10 steps behind her owner.

    *The look says that we are Zealots, we are 100% convinced; there is no possibilility our organization is wrong about anything or ever was wrong. In fact even when we are wrong, were still right! Notice the glazed over look in their eyes.

    *The boy is obviously brainwashed, no need for him to know anything other than what's presented as present truth, anything else is completely irrelevant!

  • ozziepost

    Can you give us a look? Post a pic?

  • moshe

    Does anyone ever remember seeing a brother in a WT picture wearing a leisure suit? I don't think they were ever officially approved by the WT , but brothers did wear them for Theocratic school talks/service meeting. Always suits on Sunday.

  • plmkrzy

    All the pics in the Wt were frightening as far as I'm concerned. They look like Stepford people.

  • jgnat

    Hey, the picture doesn't look that bad to me. They're all wearing sun-hats (including the men) and the jackets are nowheres in sight. They are all standing in line, though I can imagine the woman walking six steps behind. The boy does take the same stance as his father, but boys do tend to do that. It looks like a vacationing JW family out doing some extra field service in Fiji. They won't count their time because they have already met the national average, are going out in service for the sheer joy of it (and a chance to send a pic in to Bethel). Or else they moved out to Fiji "where the need is great" and this is their first field assignment.

    I can't post a picture, sorry, can't find my cam.

  • jambon1

    Stepford, definaltely Stepford.

    The boy looks gay and he will have a hell of a life ahead of himself.

    But he choses to be that way. Its his fault and if he would only stop being so camp (even at 8 years old) then he would be fit for the paradise. Unless he changes his sexuality, he will be slain into an earth splitting earthquake and his body will be eaten by the beasts of the field (see pics in great teacher book). No, he doesnt even deserve a proper grave, never mind a funeral, because he is gay. In fact get him now and his relatives can cast the 1st stone in his brutal, painful death - batter the poor bastard to death with stones, because he is gay after all.

    Other than that, he was a pretty nice guy who left the org to pursue what he wanted in life. He was a nice kind lad. Helped old ladies and all that. Wouldnt hurt a fly.

    Deluded is the word that comes to mind.

  • monkeyshine

    Can we see it? I must have placed all of my copies out in service.--LOL

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